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Adjuvant / Stimulant Database

Search by Adjuvant/Stimulant Name:

(note: partial string match, case insensitive;   blank or * = all)

This interactive search tool for Adjuvants and Stimulants is based on the Adjuvant Compendium kindly provided by Dr. Carl Alving (and his collaborators at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington DC).

The search interface is free form, i.e. the user can type a string in the box provided to retrieve relevant information. By entering * or just pressing 'GO' with no entry in the box provided, the system outputs a list of all the entries in the Adjuvants/Stimulants database.

Example: Search for 'alum' will display the following table:

Click on a name, e.g. 'Adju-Phos', to see details.

Please send questions, comments and suggestions to Brian Foley at:  
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