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Variable Region Characteristics

Purpose: Variable Region Characteristics analyzes protein sequences for V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and reports length, glycosolations, and net charge. For details, see the explanation.

Details: The tool accepts a set of aligned protein sequences in Fasta, IG, table, and other formats, along with an optional reference sequence.

Title of Analysis

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Use Sample Input

Clear Input Data
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Prefix Summary
If your sequence names have information such as clade embedded as an alphanumeric prefix before a separator character (for example: A1_ or A1. or A1- or A1*) in the name, and you would like a summary by those values, click the check box.
Include a prefix summary
Select Positions
Use Alignment positions to
Use Reference positions to
Net Charge Options
You may choose how net charge is computed:
KRH = +, DE = -    (default)
KR = +, DE = -
Select Regions
If you input an HIV alignment that includes HXB2, check the regions you wish to have characterized.

Make sure you understand the explanation before using these options.
  V1:   Full loop (131-157)    Hypervariable region
  V2:   Full loop (158-196)    Hypervariable region
  V1+V2:   Full loop 131-157 + 158-196)    Hypervariable region
  V3:   Full loop (296-331)         (loop not hypervariable)
  V4:   Full loop (385-418)    Hypervariable region
  V5:   Full loop (460-469)    Hypervariable region
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