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Variable Region Characteristics

Purpose: Variable Region Characteristics analyzes protein sequences for V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 lengths, glycosylations, and net charge. For details, see the explanation.

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Net charge icon KRH = +, DE = -       KR = +, DE = -
Specify regions icon Select HIV-1 variable regions (for HIV-1 ENV alignment that includes HXB2)
V1: Full loop (130-158)*    Hypervariable region (132-152)
V2: Full loop (157-197)*    Hypervariable region (185-190)
V1+V2: Full loop (130-157 + 158-197)*    Hypervariable region (132-152 + 185-190)
V3: Full loop (295-332)*         (loop not hypervariable)
V4: Full loop (385-418)    Hypervariable region (396-410)
V5: Full loop (459-470)*    Hypervariable region (460-465)
* Results for V1, V2, V3, and V5 include one position immediately before and another immediately after the region so that glycosylation sites at the boundaries are counted.
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    first character(s) in sequence names
the column in field of sequence names delimited by
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