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HIV Database presentations from conference workshops

FAQs about the HIV Sequence Database

FAQs about the HIV Immunology Database

Sequence quality control explains several common problems with sets of viral sequences

How to make a phylogenetic tree explains how to build a phylogenetic tree

HIV numbering relative to reference strain HXB2

SIV numbering relative to reference strain SIVmm239


3D views of HIV macromolecular structures provides links to 3D views of HIV proteins

Stalking the AIDS Virus [PDF] article from LANL Research Quarterly (Fall 2003) about HIV Database research on the HIV-immune system interaction as a step toward an AIDS vaccine

Los Alamos research fundamental to first efficacy study for mosaic HIV-1 preventive vaccine 2017 LANL news release about the HIV mosaic vaccine

Reference Information

Circulating recombinant forms (CRFs) gives details about all documented CRFs of HIV-1

HIV-1 gene map illustrates the genes/proteins of HIV-1, including HXB2 breakpoints

HXB2 annotated spreadsheet (.xls) provides a fully-annotated sequence of HXB2 with base-by-base detail

HIV and SIV subtype nomenclature gives an overview of HIV and SIV subtype nomenclature, particularly HIV-1 groups and subtypes

Primate immunodeficiency virus nomenclature lists SIV species and nomenclature

How the HIV database classifies sequences explains how recombinants are named and annotated

Common sequence formats for alignments shows examples of common sequence formats for alignments

How to cite this Database explains how to cite this website and the printed HIV compendia

Codes and symbols in sequences decodes the symbols and IUPAC codes that appear in sequences and alignments

Codon table gives the translation of nucleotides into amino acids

Links HIV/AIDS resources and bioinformatics tools on other websites


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