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Tutorials and Museum Exhibits

A tutorial on HIV-1 Nef structure/function was done by Maggie Somple, Nathan Silva, and David Marcey from the Online Macromolecular Museum at California Lutheran University.

PDB Structure Entries

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2NEF: Protein Sci 1997 Jun;6(6):1248-63.
HIV-1 Nef: 40 NMR structures.

1AVZ: Structure 1997 Oct 15;5(10):1361-72.
HIV-1 Nef protein in complex with wild type Fyn SH3 domain.

1AVV: Structure 1997 Oct 15;5(10):1361-72.
HIV-1 Nef core domain with segment missing.

1QA4: Structure 1997 Oct 15;5(10):1361-72.
HIV-1 Nef: 2 NMR models of N-terminal domain without myristoylation.

1QA5: Structure 1997 Oct 15;5(10):1361-72.
HIV-1 Nef: 2 NMR models of N-terminal domain with myristoylation.

1EFN: Cell 1996 Jun 14;85(6):931-42.
HIV-1 Nef Core domain complexed with Fyn protein (of the src family)SH3 domain.

1ZEC: Biochemistry. 1997 May 20;36(20):5970-80.
HIV-1 nef, NMR structure of the N terminus (Nef 1-25).

Publications on Nef Structures

Arold ST, Baur AS.
Dynamic Nef and Nef dynamics: how structure could explain the complex activities of this small HIV protein.
Trends Biochem Sci. 2001 Jun;26(6):356-63.
PMID: 11406408

Nef structure:
Geyer M, Peterlin BM.
Domain assembly, surface accessibility and sequence conservation in full length HIV-1 Nef.
FEBS Lett. 2001 May 11;496(2-3):91-5.
PMID: 11356189

Nef-MHC interaction:
Williams M, Roeth JF, Kasper MR, Fleis RI, Przybycin CG, Collins KL.
Direct binding of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Nef to the major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) cytoplasmic tail disrupts MHC-I trafficking.
J Virol. 2002 Dec;76(23):12173-84.
PMID: 12414957

Nef-CD4 interaction:
Mangasarian A, Piguet V, Wang JK, Chen YL, Trono D.
Nef-induced CD4 and major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) down-regulation are governed by distinct determinants: N-terminal alpha helix and proline repeat of Nef selectively regulate MHC-I trafficking.
J Virol. 1999 Mar;73(3):1964-73.
PMID: 9971776

Nef-CD4 interaction:
Preusser A, Briese L, Willbold D. Related Articles, Links
Presence of a helix in human CD4 cytoplasmic domain promotes binding to HIV-1 Nef protein.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2002 Apr 5;292(3):734-40.
PMID: 11922627

Nef:SH3 interaction:
Hiipakka M, Huotari P, Manninen A, Renkema GH, Saksela K.
Inhibition of cellular functions of HIV-1 Nef by artificial SH3 domains.
Virology. 2001 Jul 20;286(1):152-9.
PMID: 11448168

Nef:SH3 interaction:
Arold S, Franken P, Strub MP, Hoh F, Benichou S, Benarous R, Dumas C. Related Articles, Links
The crystal structure of HIV-1 Nef protein bound to the Fyn kinase SH3 domain suggests a role for this complex in altered T cell receptor signaling.
Structure. 1997 Oct 15;5(10):1361-72.
PMID: 9351809

Nef:SH3 interaction:
Saksela K, Cheng G, Baltimore D.
Proline-rich (PxxP) motifs in HIV-1 Nef bind to SH3 domains of a subset of Src kinases and are required for the enhanced growth of Nef+ viruses but not for down-regulation of CD4.
EMBO J. 1995 Feb 1;14(3):484-91.
PMID: 7859737

Nef oligomerization:
Arold S, Hoh F, Domergue S, Birck C, Delsuc MA, Jullien M, Dumas C. Related Articles, Links
Characterization and molecular basis of the oligomeric structure of HIV-1 nef protein.
Protein Sci. 2000 Jun;9(6):1137-48.
PMID: 10892807

Geyer M, Munte CE, Schorr J, Kellner R, Kalbitzer HR. Related Articles, Links
Structure of the anchor-domain of myristoylated and non-myristoylated HIV-1 Nef protein.
J Mol Biol. 1999 May 28;289(1):123-38.
PMID: 10339411

Nef Structure:
Franken P, Arold S, Padilla A, Bodeus M, Hoh F, Strub MP, Boyer M, Jullien M, Benarous R, Dumas C.
HIV-1 Nef protein: purification, crystallizations, and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies.
Protein Sci. 1997 Dec;6(12):2681-3.
PMID: 9416624

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