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CHIME Test Page

You should see B-DNA spinning below:

If you see a strange symbol, instead of DNA, you do not yet have Chime working appropriately. Perhaps you have installed a version of Chime intended for a different operating system, or you have installed Chime in a different directory than the one containing the working version of your browser? Try installing again, carefully following instructions at the MDL Chime site.

The most comprehensive CHIME and web browser trouble-shooting help is available at the Protein Explorer site, by Eric Martz.

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If you DO see DNA above, you are ready to visit the exhibits in this site, but before you do, here are a few tips to enhance your visit:

1) As you explore a CHIME-based tutorial for the first time, it is recommended that you not manipulate the molecules on your own, but rather follow (i.e. click on), the built-in cue buttons that look like this:  (note the effect on the DNA, above - you can now easily distinguish the base pairs and the ribose-phosphate backbone of the molecule).

2) In a given display, text describing a particular molecular feature will be followed by a cue button that will elicit a relevant change in the rendering of the molecule, similar to what you have just seen.

3) If, at any time, you wish to restore the molecule to its starting state, use the reload button of your browser to refresh the page.

4) You can easily change the orientation or rendering of the molecules on your own. Here is a table of mouse commands with indicated results (may we suggest that you print a copy of this for later reference?):

Desired Result Windows Macintosh
Activate Chime's menu Right button  Click, (don't drag)
Rotate X,Y Left button, drag Click, drag quickly
Translate X,Y Ctrl-Right button, drag Command* click, drag
Rotate Z Shift-Right button, drag Shift-Command* click, drag
Zoom Shift-Left button, drag Shift click, drag
Slab Plane Ctrl-Left button, drag Ctrl click, drag

*On some Macs, the Option (Alt) key has the same effect as the Command key. For example, if you are using Windows, with a cursor in the molecule frame (try it, above!), clicking the left mouse button and dragging will rotate the molecule around the x and y axes. Clicking the right mouse button will activate a menu that allows the following manipulations:

  • Change the display type (renders the atoms in different ways).
  • Change the display options.
  • Change the display colors (colors atoms according to the cpk standard or as members of a set).
  • Turn on and off molecule rotation.
  • Save the file (*.pdb), or a CHIME script needed to re-create the current view, locally.
  • Activate an "about CHIME" box.

One final tip...explore the hot text in the tutorials: clicking on it will either change the molecule, or lead to further information.

Proceed to HIV-1 Structure Tutorials

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