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Purpose: The PepMap tool maps an input set of peptides on the HIV reference sequence HXB2 or to a reference sequence provided by the user for any organism. Peptide maps are generated in Fasta, PDF and HTML formats.

Details: This tool can be used to map epitopes, functional domains, or any protein region of interest. In addition to generating peptide maps in Fasta, HTML and PDF formats, the tool displays a table with peptide locations both in HTML and text formats. For details, see PepMap Explanation.

Input for HIV
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Input For Any Organism
Paste your peptides for any organism
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Output Options
Generate maps of the alignment in the following formats: HTML
Print each peptide map on it's own page:

Please be patient. Depending on the size of your input file, the speed of your internet connection, and the load on our server, it can take several minutes to get results. Do not re-submit your sequences; you won't get a result any faster - you will just load up our server and make the process slower.

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