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Poisson-Fitter v2

Purpose: Poisson-Fitter analyzes sets of homogeneous DNA sequences and performs statistical tests on the Hamming Distance frequency distributions. It computes the best fitting Poisson distribution through Maximum Likelihood, performs a Goodness of Fit test, and tests for Star-Phylogeny. See Help.

Note: Poisson-Fitter version 2 was released in May 2015. This new version calculates the standard deviation using U statistics. The older version, Poisson Fitter v1, works for sets of ≤150 sequences and calculates standard deviation by jackknife resampling.

Details: The tool accepts a single input file, which may contain sets of aligned sequences from one or more patients. It also accepts properly-formatted large-scale input. Please read Help file before using the tool!

Paste your alignment(s) here icon

[Sample Input]
or upload a alignment(s) file
Large-scale formatted icon (a sequence name must end with '_nn' where nn is the multiplicity of such sequence)
Eliminate ambiguity codes icon
Mutation rate icon   (value must be between 0 and 10e-03)
Remove APOBEC mutations icon
  (p-value based on Hypermut analysis)
APOBEC positions in
    all samples
    samples with p-value <
sequences having APOBEC mutations with p-value <
Compressed file icon create without checking for APOBEC
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Reference: Please reference this article when using Poisson Fitter:

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