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Phylogenetic Tools

PHYML "fast and accurate heuristic for estimating maximum likelihood phylogenies. Large DNA and protein sequences data sets can be analysed under a broad range of substitution models"

RAxML is a program for sequential and parallel Maximum Likelihood based inference of large phylogenetic trees

MEGA a versatile, user-friendly program that does phylogenetic analysis and bootstrapping (Windows)

Tree-Puzzle "a computer program to reconstruct phylogenetic trees from molecular sequence data by maximum likelihood" Windows, UNIX, Mac, VMS.

HyPhy another program for maximum-likelihood trees; very flexible and comes with its own programmable interface (Windows, UNIX, Mac)

DataMonkey detects positive and negative selection on individual sites by nonsynonymous/synonymous analysis and Single Likelihood Ancestor Counting (SLAC) analysis

TreeView displays treefiles; more flexible and easy to use than Drawtree/Drawgram (Windows, UNIX, Mac)

MODELTEST "helps a user to choose the model of DNA substitution that best fits his/her data, among 56 possible models" Windows, UNIX, Mac.

Phylogenetic Analysis a comprehensive list of programs for creating phylogenetic trees, maintained by Joe Felsenstein at the University of Washington

BEAST Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Sampling Trees: a cross-platform program for Bayesian MCMC analysis of sequences; can reconstruct phylogenies and test evolutionary hypotheses without conditioning on a single tree topology

MrBayes Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Sampling Trees: a cross-platform program for Bayesian MCMC analysis of sequences; can reconstruct phylogenies and test evolutionary hypotheses without conditioning on a single tree topology

Edinburgh University Molecular evolution, phylogenetics and epidemiology software contains many high-quality programs, among them Se-Al (multiple sequence alignment program) and many Monte Carlo programs to simulate tree and sequence evolution

ClusterPicker at Edinburgh University, a tool for automatic identification of phylogenetic clusters.

Multiple Sequence Alignment & Manipulation

SeaView is a full-function alignment editor that can do automatic alignments and trees and allows plug-ins. Runs on most operating systems

AliView is another nice editor that runs on modern Macs (10.9+), as well as on Linux and Windows

BioEdit is a PC-compatible full-featured alignment editor; comes with built-in alignment and tree-building programs. Old, but still runs on Windows 7; it can also be installed on Macs via Wine

Jalview is a free program for multiple sequence alignment editing, visualization and analysis

Se-Al Se-Al is a user-friendly alignment editor, but only works on old Macs (10.6 or earlier)

CLUSTALX CLUSTALX is distributed as executables for DOS/Windows, Mac, and UNIX operating systems

Multiple Sequence Alignment a collection of alignment programs such as CLUSTALW, for aligning nucleic acid or amino acid sequences. Maintained by the Department of Genetics at the University of Washington, Seattle

SAM: Sequence Alignment and Modeling Programs Similar to HMMER, this is a package of tools for building and using Hidden Markov Models of sequence alignments; includes tool to convert between SAM and HMMER formats

Sequence Manipulation Suite contains an array of basic tools for manipulating DNA and protein sequences

READSEQ converts sequences to and from 15 different formats

HIV Subtyping Tools

NCBI HIV Subtyping tool performs BLAST-based subtyping of an HIV-1 sequences

REGA Viral Subtyping BioAfrica viral subtyping tool, which uses phylogenetic methods to identify HIV-1 subtype

SCUEAL Subtyping DataMonkey tool that uses a network-based model to find HIV-1 subtype

COMET Context-based Modeling for Expeditious Typing (COMET) identifies subtypes and CRFs for HIV-1 and HIV-2

HIV Tropism Prediction

PhenoSeq is a suite of subtype specific V3 sequence-based coreceptor usage prediction algorithms

WebPSSM, a web based tool for prediction of R5/X4 phenotype based on V3 sequences

Geno2Pheno (G2P) is a web based tool for prediction of coreceptor usage for HIV-1 based on V3 sequences (see: European guidelines on the clinical management of HIV-1 tropism testing, link below)

European guidelines on the clinical management of HIV-1 tropism testing

Other HIV Tools and Research Resources

HIVQ.PL performs command-line queries of the LANL HIV Sequence Database

HIV Mutation Browser is a database of mutagenesis and mutation information on HIV collated by computational text-mining

NCI Provirus Sequence Database supports storage and meta-analysis of near full-length HIV genomic RNA and proviral sequences that persist on ART or after rebound

NCI Retrovirus Integration Database finds integration sites in host genomes for HIV and other retroviruses

Stanford HIV drug resistance mutation database a searchable and very useful tool for drug-associated mutations

HIV-1, Human Protein Interaction Database an NCBI site summarizing all known interactions of HIV-1 proteins with host proteins, other HIV-1 proteins, and proteins from AIDS-associated disease organisms

HIV BioAfrica presents the research, software and publications of Tulio de Oliveira, Sharon Cassol and members of their research groups

Arlequin cross-platform Java program for population genetic analysis; takes sequence, RFLP, microsatellite, and allele frequency data; calculates measures of diversity, provides tests for linkage and Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium, etc.

SimPlot tool for recombination analysis by Stuart Ray at Johns Hopkins University; does both similarity plots and bootscan analysis; the most widely used for recombination analysis in HIV research

BankIt and Sequin are tools for sequence submission to GenBank (NCBI); BankIt is for a few sequences; Sequin is for larger or more complicated sets

Genetic Data Environment an integrated Linux environment for bioinformatics and evolutionary analysis

Mullins Computational Biology Tools a suite of programs developed at the University of Washington for analysis of HIV (and other) sequences, including diversity assessment tools, a method for rooting a tree in a central position, and other useful scripts and software

ExPASy a large compilation of proteomics tools maintained by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Viral Genomics Analysis Software a suite of tools at the Broad Institute for next-gen sequence assembly, primer design, etc.

HIV/AIDS Reagent Programs

NIH AIDS Reagent Program provides biological and chemical materials for study of HIV

NIBSC AIDS Reagent Program a repository for HIV/AIDS reagents in the UK

AIDS Information

AIDS Information at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), maintained by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

AIDScience the HIV prevention and vaccine research site of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

The Body a complete HIV/AIDS resource, including a Glossary of HIV/AIDS terminology

Johns Hopkins HIV Guide

AIDS Organizations

CHAVI Center for HIV-AIDS Vaccine Immunology, a project of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

UNAIDS the United Nations Global Programme on AIDS

IAVI the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Harvard AIDS Institute

AVAC AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition

New Mexico AIDS Infonet

AIDScience Archive HIV prevention and vaccine research site of the AAAS

Molecular Immunology a tutorial for human immunogenetics and immunobiology

Virology Information

All the Virology on the WWW links and descriptions for many science resources and websites in virology and microbiology

HIV Immunology Information

LANL Molecular Immunology Database: Tools & Links an array of tools and links related to the immunology of HIV


HIV/AIDS Conferences Worldwide a current list of conferences

AIDS Conferences (The Body) coverage of past conferences and list of future conferences

CROI Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

Keystone Symposia annual conferences on many topics, including HIV pathogenesis

HIV Dynamics & Evolution a conference promoting discussion among HIV specialists

IEDB User Workshops a conference for users of the Immune Epitope Database


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