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Neutralization Serotype Discovery Panel:
Impact of clade, geography and age of the epidemic on HIV-1 neutralization by antibodies


Neutralization titers, sequence alignment, loop-length characteristics, and related data from TZM-bl neutralization assays of 205 plasmas from chronic infections against 219 heterologous Envelope-pseudotyped viruses, both selected to span M-group clade diversity

Data Files

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Neutralization data and loop-length attributes, one row per assay.
The data in these files match and are provided in two formats for convenience.

Fasta-formatted Env alignment. Sequence names are explained in README.TXT

Explains fields in both datasets and how to relate the sequence names between them.

Online Resource

A utility that computes loop-length characteristics as done in this study is available here.
A description of the criteria for loop boundaries is provided in the explanation.

Primary Reference

P Hraber, BT Korber, AS Lapedes, RT Bailer, MS Seaman, H Gao, KM Greene, F McCutchan, C Williamson, JH Kim, S Tovanabutra, BH Hahn, R Swanstrom, MM Thomson, F Gao, L Harris, E Giorgi, N Hengartner, T Bhattacharya, JR Mascola, DC Montefiori. Impact of clade, geography and age of the epidemic on HIV-1 neutralization by antibodies. J Virol 88(21):12623-43. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01705-14. PMID 25142591

Click here for this paper at JVI.


This work was funded by grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that established the Comprehensive Antibody Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium as part of the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (Grants 38619 and 1032144).

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