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Heatmap   Hierarchical Clustering

Purpose: A heatmap is a graphical way of displaying a table of numbers by using colors to represent the numerical values. The clustering algorithm groups related rows and/or columns together by similarity. For details see Heatmap Hierarchical Explanation.


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Delimiter Space   Tab Comma  
Use log transformation? Natural Base10 No transformation
Use threshold value? No   Below threshold value:  Above threshold value:  
  Numbers below/above the given threshold
   Convert to the given threshold for clustering, will appear in the heatmap as white
   Leave as written, but will appear in the heat map as white
Distance method
Cluster Rows only Columns only Both None
Sort by means after clustering
Colors Palette:
Higher values: High intensity color Low intensity color
Number of colors:
Color key ranges:
Margins Bottom Margin: Right Margin:
Label sizes Row: Column:
Stability of clusters
Calculate using bootstraps
By: Standard Bootstrap (slow but accurate)
        scale bar,     show only labels with >= % bootstrap support
pvclust (fast but approximate)
Add vertical color sidebar

Add horizontal color sidebar

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