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Purpose: identify genetic signatures in a DNA alignment with associated phenotypic data. See explanation.

Analysis type
Strategy icon Full phylogenetic and signature analysis
New signature analysis using phylogenetic analysis from a previous run
Sequence alignment and options
Codon-aligned DNA sequences
[Sample Input]

Ambiguity codes icon Replace with 'N'   No ambiguity codes in sequences
Non allowable chars in names ( ; : ( ) , # | . - ) icon Replace with '_'   No such characters in names
HIV-1 and HXB2 icon This is a HIV-1 alignment and the 1st seq is HXB2    Not HIV-1 or HXB2 not included
  Regions of interest
Phenotype data and options
Phenotype data icon
Delimiter Comma   Space   Tab
Mismatched names icon
Statistical test icon

Signature options
Signature analysis icon

Q-values icon  Maximum q-value
Unreliable positions icon  Positions with > % gaps are excluded from the analysis


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