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Advanced Consensus Maker

Purpose: Make a consensus, or multiple consensuses of blocks of sequences. For details, see Advanced Consensus Explanation.

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icon Squeeze gaps in input Yes     No
Consensus-by-Block Options
icon Make consensus for each block Yes     No
icon Make a consensus of consensuses Yes     No
icon Show number of sequences in consensus Yes     No
icon Minimum number of sequences per block for consensus
Consensus Calculation Options
icon Unanimous value (capital letters)
icon Majority threshold (small letters) Consensus is always the most common letter
Use '?' if most common character is below Min fraction
      Min fraction
icon Break ties IUPAC characters     
Order specified below (default = frequency in HIV-1 sequences)
     amino acids
Other ('?', or letters in whole alignment for blocks)
icon Character set for making the consensus Specify character set
     amino acids
  Or check here to use any (all) characters
icon For alignments with sequences of differing lengths Ignore leading and trailing gaps
    Min % of sequences required to calculate consensus at each column
Output Options
icon Show both consensus + alignment Yes     No
icon Output format Pretty    Output aligned    Like input
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