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Advanced Consensus Maker

Purpose: Make a consensus, or multiple consensuses of blocks of sequences in an alignment using parameters you specify.

Usage: Browse for your alignment file or paste it into the window, adjust the consensus options, and click "Run". For details about the various options, see Advanced Consensus Maker Explanation.

Paste your alignment
[Sample Input]

Or upload your file
Squeeze gaps in input  Yes   No      Gap character
Output Options
Do consensus for each block  Yes   No
Minimum number of sequences for consensus
Make a consensus of consensuses  Yes   No
Show both, consensus + alignment  Yes   No
Show number of sequences in consensus  Yes   No
Output format  Pretty   Output aligned   Like input
Consensus-making Options
Unanimous value
Majority value
Use most common character  Yes   No
Break ties with  IUPAC characters   Letters in whole column
Character set for making the consensus nucleotides
amino acids
   Or check here to use any (all) characters
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