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A tool for Prediction & Analysis of Neutralization by Antibody Combinations

Purpose: This tool predicts and analyzes combination antibody neutralization scores using IC50 and/or IC80 for individual antibodies. The predicted scores are systematically compared for all single antibodies and 2, 3 and 4 antibody combinations analyzed. See explanation.

IC50/IC80 data
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(See assay requirements)

[Sample Input]
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Data type IC50   IC80   Both
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mAb class
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Prediction method icon Additive Bliss-Hill
mAb combinations icon Combinations using full set of mAbs
      # of Abs in Ab combination 4  (may be adjusted depending # of Abs)
     Repeat mAbs from same class in combinations
Combinations of interest (example)
Analyses Target concentration ug/ml (seperate with commas if more than one concentration) icon
Active coverage by multiple mAbs in combination icon
Incomplete neutralization icon
Instantaneous inhibitory potential (IIP) icon
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