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Purpose: Show weblogos, calculate frequency by position, and find variants in an alignment. Explanation.

Alignment icon
Sequence type
Positions/range to analyze icon
Total positions ≤ 200!
Range numbers refer to icon
Group the sequences icon
      Group sequences by:
   of names delimited by
character(s) in names
subtypes (the first field)
minus Logo options
Logo size pixels  
Max no. of logo stacks per line icon
Figure title
Figure label
X-axis labels
Stack annotations:
         (A comma separated list, must be same length as sequence range)
Y-axis units icon
Y-axis label
Color scheme icon
Draw stacks with largest letters on top
Remove symbols from logo icon

Potential N-linked glycosylation sites icon

minus Other options
Email results
Downloadable logo files PDF  EPS  SVG 
Combine logos for subsets into a page
Concatenate PDF or EPS logos as a x matrix   (row x column)

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