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HXB2 Location  Gag(78-86)   Gag Epitope Map
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Epitope LYNTVAVLY   Epitope Alignment
LfNTVAVLY   observed variant
Epitope Name LY9
Species (MHC/HLA human(A*29)

Variant Details

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Variant ID.  4197
Epitope Seq.  LYNTVAVLY
Variant Seq.  LfNTVAVLY
Mutations Y/F
Epitope Location Y2F
HXB2 Location Y79F
Mutation Type OV: observed variant
Method Other, Relative replication capacity assay
Note Longitudinal deep sequencing in Subject 9213 showed that the single mutant LfNTVAVL corresponding to the position with the second lowest h value, was at 57.1% of the viral population by day 1543.


Ferguson2013a Andrew L. Ferguson, Jaclyn K. Mann, Saleha Omarjee, Thumbi Ndung'u, Bruce D Walker, and Arup K. Chakraborty. Translating HIV Sequences into Quantitative Fitness Landscapes Predicts Viral Vulnerabilities for Rational Immunogen Design. Immunity, 38(3):606-617, 21 Mar 2013. PubMed ID: 23521886. Show all entries for this paper.

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