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HXB2 Location  Gag(156-164)   Gag Epitope Map
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Epitope VKVVEEKAF   Epitope Alignment
VKViEEKAF   HLA association; processing
Epitope Name VF-9
Species (MHC/HLA human(B*15:01, B*15:03)

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Variant ID.  3522
Epitope Seq.  VKVVEEKAF
Variant Seq.  VKViEEKAF
Mutations V/I
Epitope Location V4I
HXB2 Location V27I
Mutation Type A: HLA association
P: processing
Epitope Subtype B
Variant Subtype C
Method Intracellular cytokine staining
Note Variant VKVIEEKAF , VF-9, had natural processed epitope forms for subtype C, 0% 4h post constitutive proteasome 13% after processing 4h through immuno proteasomes.


Tenzer2014 Stefan Tenzer, Hayley Crawford, Phillip Pymm, Robert Gifford, Vattipally B. Sreenu, Mirjana Weimershaus, Tulio de Oliveira, Anne Burgevin, Jan Gerstoft, Nadja Akkad, Daniel Lunn, Lars Fugger, John Bell, Hansjörg Schild, Peter van Endert, and Astrid K. N. Iversen. HIV-1 Adaptation to Antigen Processing Results in Population-Level Immune Evasion and Affects Subtype Diversification. Cell Rep., 7(2):448-463, 24 Apr 2014. PubMed ID: 24726370. Show all entries for this paper.

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