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HXB2 Location  Vpr(59-67)   Vpr Epitope Map
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Epitope ALIRILQQL   Epitope Alignment
AiIRILQQL   diminished HLA binding or increased off-rate; escape documented in this paper
Species (MHC/HLA human(A2)

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Variant ID.  53
Epitope Seq.  ALIRILQQL
Variant Seq.  AiIRILQQL
Mutations L/I
Epitope Location L2I
HXB2 Location L60I
Mutation Type DHB: diminished HLA binding or increased off-rate
E: escape documented in this paper
Method CD8 T-cell Elispot - IFNy, Chromium-release assay, HLA binding
Note ALIRILQQL bound substantially better to HLA-A2 superfamily than variant AIIRILQQL. Either the virus in all of the individuals mounting a Vpr59-67-specific CD8+ T-cell response exhibited very early escape from the I60 to the I60L prior to first sequencing or only individuals infected with the I60L variant were able to develop epitope-specific CD8+ T-cell responses during primary infection.


Altfeld2005a Marcus Altfeld, Todd M. Allen, Elizabeth T. Kalife, Nicole Frahm, Marylyn M. Addo, Bianca R. Mothe, Almas Rathod, Laura L. Reyor, Jason Harlow, Xu G. Yu, Beth Perkins, Loren K. Robinson, John Sidney, Galit Alter, Mathias Lichterfeld, Alessandro Sette, Eric S. Rosenberg, Philip J. R. Goulder, Christian Brander, and Bruce D. Walker. The Majority of Currently Circulating Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Clade B Viruses Fail To Prime Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Responses against an Otherwise Immunodominant HLA-A2-Restricted Epitope: Implications for Vaccine Design. J. Virol., 79(8):5000-5005, Apr 2005. PubMed ID: 15795285. Show all entries for this paper.

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