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MRVRGIQTSWQNLWR gp160(1-12) human epitope
MRVKEKYQHLWRWGW gp160(1-15) human epitope
MKVKGIRKNWHNLGKWGS gp160(1-19) human epitope
MKVrGIRKNWHNLGKWGS gp160(1-19) observed variant
 RVKEKYQHL gp160(2-10) B*08 human epitope
 RVKEKYQHL gp160(2-10) B*08:01 human epitope
 RVKEKYQHL gp160(2-10) B*08:01 human epitope
 RVKEKYQHL gp160(2-10) B8 human epitope
 RVKgirknYQHL gp160(2-10) non-susceptible form
 RVKEKYQHL gp160(2-10) B8 epitope
 GIRKNYQHLWRGGTL gp160(2-16) mouse epitope
   RKNYQHLWK gp160(4-12) human epitope
     TQMNWPNLWK gp160(6-12) A*11 human epitope
     TQMNWPNLWK gp160(6-12) A11 human epitope
     NYQHLWRGGIMLLWRGIM gp160(6-20) human epitope
     NYQHLWRGGIsLLWRGIM gp160(6-20) inferred escape
     NYQHwWRGGIMLLWRGIM gp160(6-20) inferred escape
     NYQHLWRGGIMLLWRGIM gp160(6-20) human epitope
     NYQHLWRGGIsLLWRGIM gp160(6-20) observed variant
             LWRWGTMLLGMLMIC gp160(14-28) mouse epitope
                 GTLLLGMLMICSAVE gp160(18-32) mouse epitope
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