HIV molecular immunology database


Patient Detail

Patient Code 203-157
Patient Sex Male
Risk Factor Bisexual (SB)
Infection Country US
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type A*30:01, A*30:02, B*42, B*44
Patient Ethnicity Black
Species human
Patient Note This 27 year old subject who participated in a vaccine trial acquired HIV within 14 days of administration of vCP1452/gp120 1 time out of a planned 4 times. Viral load was at 32,511 copies/ml 91d post-infection and response to Pol epitopes YPGIKVRQL, KIQNFRVYY, and DDTVLEEMSLPGRWK by EliSpot was 490, 365, and 215 SFC/106 PBMC respectively, after HIV-1 infection.[Horton2006a, PMID: 16973582].
CTL CD8+ Records 54953, 54954, 54955
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
Sequence Database Patient ID Record
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