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Patient Detail

Patient Code 00870
Patient Sex Male
Risk Factor
Infection Country US
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type A*11:01, A*24:02, B*35:01, B*55:01, C*03:03, C*04:01
Patient Ethnicity Caucasian
Species human
Patient Note Participant 00870 was a non-Hispanic, Caucasian male diagnosed and durably suppressed by combination ART starting at chronic HIV-1 infection. Age 54, and suppressed for 5.28 years with HIV RNA levels at 5.3E+04, nadir CD4 at 154 in year 2020. From Warren2020 [eLife. 9:e57246, pp.1-28 (2020), PMID: 33021198], immunodominant T-cell response to Nef65-82, with no escape variants. Participant was from one of the following studies - UNC Chapel Hill HIV-1 Clinical Trials Unit; or WIHS' UNC Chapel Hill or UCSF sites.
CTL CD8+ Records 52401, 62334, 62397, 62398, 62399, 62400, 62401
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
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