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Patient Code 8183A
Patient Sex Male
Risk Factor
Infection Country
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type A*02:01, A*03:01, B*35:01, B*51, C*04, C*06
Patient Ethnicity
Progression Progressor (P)
Species human
Patient Note Acutely infected Patient 8183A subsequently discontinued ART. Infection was detected in this patient 45 days following onset of symptoms; he began ART immediately and was followed longitudinally over a 4-year period. His plasma viral load (VL) became undetectable on ART (lamivudine, indinavir, nelfinavir and zalcitabine). Therapy was discontinued after 10 months when ART-related lactic acidosis developed. He remained ART-free for >2 years until surrogate markers of disease progression necessitated reinstitution of ART [plasma viral load of 157 589 copies/ml and CD4 cell count of 322 x 106,/sup>/l 40 months post-onset of acute retroviral symptoms (POARS). At 3 months POARS, the T-cell response of 8183A was narrowly directed to CD8 T-cell epitopes in Vif and Nef. The two epitopes in Vif were determined to be restricted by HLA-B*51. T-cell responses of 8183A at 49 months were reduced in frequency and appeared to be waning while he was on potent ART
CTL CD8+ Records 53596, 53597, 53599, 53600, 53602, 53603, 53604, 53605, 53606, 53607, 53608, 53609, 53610
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