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Patient Detail

Patient Code 15160
Patient Sex Male
Risk Factor Homosexual (SG)
Infection Country US
Infection City San Francisco
Infection Year 1978
HLA Type A*03, A*32, B*14, B*44
Patient Ethnicity
Progression Long Term Non-Progressor (LTNP)
Species human
Patient Note At the time of initial study, asymptomatic ART-naive subject 15160 was infected for 15 years but was negative for HIV-1 in plasma and PBMC cultures i.e. virion RNA levels were <167 molecules/ml and there were no detectable neutralizing Abs in plasma when tested against a panel of 10 primary viral isolates. CTL clones were elicited against HIV p17, p24, RT, gp129, gp41 and Nef. CD4 counts were persistently above 500 for 17 years, ranging between 885-1233 during the study and most recently being at 920 on 03.16.1995.
CTL CD8+ Records 323, 551, 791, 62251, 62252, 62253, 62254
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
Sequence Database Patient ID Record
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