HIV molecular immunology database


Patient Detail

Patient Code 1213
Patient Sex Male
Risk Factor
Infection Country GW
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type A*30:01, A*30:02, B*07:02, B*58:01
Patient Ethnicity West African Fula
Species human
Patient Note Non-immunized HIV-1-infected Patient 1213 from Guinea-Bissau produced cytokines in response to peptide pool A01/B07 containing peptide Pol934, which is supertype A*01-restricted epitope KY9, KIQNFRVYY and Nef73, supertype B*07-restricted epitope QY9, QVPLRPMTY.
CTL CD8+ Records 61946, 61956
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
Sequence Database Patient ID Record
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