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Patient Code KI-642
Patient Sex
Risk Factor
Infection Country
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type B*35:01
Patient Ethnicity Japanese
Progression Progressor (P)
Species human
Patient Note ART-naive, WT HIV-1-infected HLA-B*3501+ Japanese subject KI-642 was the donor for CTLs used to produce two YF9 (YPLTFGWCF)-specific clones, H3 and B7. H3 showed significantly stronger recognition of YF9 peptide over its 1F mutant, while B7 recognized both and mounted a IFN-γ response equally well (Murakoshi2018a). Sampling date was 22April, 2009, at which point pVL = 2400 copies/mL with CD4+ T cell count at 518 cells/µL and CD8+ T cell count at 917 cells/µL, CD4/CD8 ratio = 0.56.
CTL CD8+ Records 61890
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
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