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Patient Detail

Patient Code ES9
Patient Sex Female
Risk Factor Heterosexual (SH)
Infection Country
Infection City
Infection Year 1999
HLA Type A*02, A*30, B*27:03, B*57:03:01:01
Patient Ethnicity African American
Progression Elite Controller (EC)
Species human
Patient Note Subject ES9, an elite suppresssor, expressed HLA alleles A*02, A*30, B*570301, & B*2703 [Bailey2006, PMID: 16682496]. ES9 had a CD4 count of 800 cells/μL (02/2005) & pVL of <50 copies/mL (03/2004 & 08/2004) [Bailey2006a, PMID: 16641269]. Replication competent virus not isolated from ES9 [Blankson2007, PMID: 17151109]. ES9 was infected by heterosexual progressing partner [Bailey2008, PMID: 18495769]. ES9 had a CD4 count of 1027 cells/μL & pVL of <1 copies/mL [OConnell2010, PMID: 20444904]. ES9 had a CD4 count of 466 cells/µl, pVL of <20 copies/mL, was negative for KIR3DS1 alleles and was used as a control for comparison [Walker-Sperling2017, PMID: 28159573]. ES9 had a CD4 count of 779 cells/μL and pVL of <20 copies/mL [Pohlmeyer2018, PMID: 29466365].
CTL CD8+ Records 62757
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
Sequence Database Patient ID Record 28160
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