HIV molecular immunology database


Patient Detail

Patient Code EB354 (622800)
Patient Sex
Risk Factor
Infection Country
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type A*01:01, A*24:02, B*27:05, B*57:01, C*01:02, C*06:02
Patient Ethnicity
Progression Long Term Non-Progressor (LTNP)
Species human
Patient Note Freund2017 states: diagnosed with HIV-1 clade B in 1986; received treatment with didanosine and stavudine between 1995 and 1998, but has had no ARV since that time; IgG from donor was first tested for neutralization in 2006 when viral load was <400 copies/ml; neutralizing activity increased between 2006 and 2010, and has remained broad and potent since that time; also denoted as donor 622800 from the HIV Controller Consortium.
CTL CD8+ Records
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records NC37 (3621), BG1 (3622), BG18 (3623), NC133 (3624), NC102 (3625), AC40 (3626), AC41 (3627), AC72 (3628), BG8 (3629), BG33 (3630), BG42 (3631), BG22 (3632), BG47 (3633)
Sequence Database Patient ID Record
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