HIV molecular immunology database


Patient Detail

Patient Code Z258
Patient Sex Male
Risk Factor
Infection Country
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type
Patient Ethnicity
Progression Long Term Non-Progressor (LTNP)
Species human
Patient Note Took part in NIAID study at the NIH; infected with subtype B (Doria-Rose2009 PMID 18922865). Patient's serum had broad and potent neutralizing ability. Chronically infected (21 years) and drug naive at the time of sampling for mAbs VRC27 and N6.
CTL CD8+ Records
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records VRC27 (3288), N6 (3509), F8 (3510), N17 (3511), N6/PGDM1400-10E8v4 (3956), N6/10E8v4-PGDM1400 (3957), 10E8/N6 (3978), N6-LS (4162)
Sequence Database Patient ID Record 99390
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