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Patient Detail

Patient Code CH131 (703010131, CH0131)
Patient Sex Male
Risk Factor
Infection Country MW
Infection City
Infection Year
HLA Type A*23:01, A*29:01, B*15:03, B*45:01, C*02:02, C*06:02
Patient Ethnicity Black, Lomwe
Species human
Patient Note Subject CH131 first positive for vRNA at 20 years with clade-C HIV-1, Fiebig Stage I-II, and virus setpoint 22,909 copies/ml. At Fiebig Stage I/II, CD4+ count was 300 cells/µl, last sequencing being performed 670 days after then. Five mutations were studied in Gag and Pol that were host-selection pressure derived, but not adaptive-immune selected. [Liu2014a; PMID:25407514]. CH131's complete T-cell response was examined using peptides composed of autologous founder sequence and subsequent evolutionary variants [Liu2013a; PMID: 23221345].
CTL CD8+ Records 58960, 59054, 59055, 59056, 59057, 59058, 59194, 61077, 61078, 61079, 62452, 62453, 62488, 62489, 62490, 62491, 62492
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
Sequence Database Patient ID Record 30660
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