HIV molecular immunology database


Patient Detail

Patient Code R039
Patient Sex
Risk Factor
Infection Country GB
Infection City
Infection Year 2006
HLA Type A*01:01, A*31:01, B*27:05, B*57:01, C*02:02, C*06:02
Patient Ethnicity
Progression Elite Controller (EC)
Species human
Patient Note Treatment-naive, chronic HIV-1 infected patient R039 was tested at 9 months post-infection, viral load = 204 RNA copies/ml; at 12 months post-infection, CD4+ count = 650 cells/ml. Magnitudes of CTL response were 535 Sfu/million PBMC against OLP WVKVVEEKAFSPEVIPMF (containing Gag epitope KAFSPEVIPMF); 615 Sfu/million PBMC against OLP PVGEIYKRWIILGLNKIV (containing Gag epitope KRWIILGLNK), 235 Sfu/million PBMC against OLP LWVYHTQGYFPDWQNY (containing Nef epitope HTQGYFPDW), and 615 Sfu/million PBMC against OLP AVFIHNFKRKGGIGGYSA (containing Pol epitope KRKGGIGGY). Magnitudes of CTL response using EliSpot against optimal epitopes was 520 Sfu/ million PBMC for KAFSPEVIPMF, 320 Sfu/ million PBMC for KRWIILGLNK and 1,180 Sfu/million PBMC for KRKGGIGGY. Cells from R039 were used to generate a KF11-specific CTL cell line as well as a B-cell line.
CTL CD8+ Records 58676, 59010, 59030, 59031
T-Helper CD4+ Records
Antibody Records
Sequence Database Patient ID Record
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