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Table of HIV-1 Polymorphisms


HLA-associated polymorphisms in HIV-1 Gag, Protease, Reverse Transcriptase, Integrase and Nef (all q<0.2). (published as Table S1 in Brumme et al., 2009 PloS ONE). Consistent with the immune escape maps, amino acid numbering begins with 1 for each individual protein (where individual proteins are defined as Gag, Protease, Reverse Transcriptase, Integrase and Nef). Also consistent with the escape maps, the direction of the association (adapted (escape or resistant) vs. nonadapted (susceptible)) for the specific HLA in question is differentiated by red and blue lettering, respectively. Direct (covariation-corrected) and indirect (non-covariation corrected) are also differentiated. P- and q-values represent the minimum values observed in the covariation corrected and non-covariation corrected analyses.

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