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HIV Molecular Immunology Database

Dear HIV Molecular Immunology Database subscriber:

We appreciate your continued use and support of the HIV Molecular Immunology Database, and we will continue to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information both in our website ( and yearly compendia.

The information included in the compendium has grown through the years. Despite minimizing the space used for each entry, the printed information now takes up over 1600 pages. It is not practical anymore to produce books containing this much information. Thus, in our last contract renewal with the NIH, we made a joint decision with NIAD that we no longer will distribute a printed version of the HIV Molecular Immunology compendium. We will still provide new PDF files for the compendium every year. The new HIV Molecular Immunology 2008 PDF is now available on our web site. As before, the most up-to-date information is searchable using our web site interface.

We hope this change will not cause you problems. If you have difficulties downloading the Compendia, or have any other questions about the Immunology Database, please contact us at

Karina Yusim, PhD
HIV Immunology Database Chief Editor
  Bette T. Korber, PhD
HIV Database PI
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