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HIV Binding Motif Scanner Supertype Dictionary

Download the HLA supertype dictionary.

Data from Sette & Sidney 1999. These motifs and supertypes are incorporated into the Motif Scan tool.

Supertype Motif Genotypes
A1 x[TI(SVLM)]xxxxxx[WFY] A*0101, A*0102, A*2501, A*2601, A*2604, A*3201, A*3601, A*4301, A*8001
A2 x[LIVMATQ]xxxxxx[LIVMAT] A*0201, A*0202, A*0203, A*0204, A*0205, A*0206, A*0207, A*6802, A*6901
A3 x[AILMVST]xxxxxx[RK] A*0301, A*1101, A*3101, A*3301, A*6801
A24 x[YF(WIVLMT)]xxxxxx[FI(YWLM)] A*2301, A*2402, A*2403, A*2404, A*3001, A*3002, A*3003
B7 x[P]xxxxxx[ALIMVFWY] B*0702, B*0703, B*0704, B*0705, B*1508, B*3501, B*3502, B*3503, B*51, B*5301, B*5401, B*5501, B*5502, B*5601, B*5602, B*6701, B*7801
B27 x[RKH]xxxxxx[FLY(WMI)] B*1401, B*1402, B*1503, B*1509, B*1510, B*1518, B*2701, B*2702, B*2703, B*2704, B*2705, B*2706, B*2707, B*2708, B*3801, B*3802, B*3901, B*3902, B*3903, B*3904, B*4801, B*4802, B*7301
B44 x[E(D)]xxxxxx[FWYLIMVA] B*18, B*3701, B*4001, B*4006, B*4101, B*4402, B*4403, B*4501, B*4901, B*5001
B58 x[AST]xxxxxx[FWY(LIV)] B*1516, B*1517, B*5701, B*5702, B*58
B62 x[QL(IVMP)]xxxxxx[FWY(MIV)] B*1301, B*1302, B*1501, B*1502, B*1506, B*1512, B*1513, B*1514, B*1519, B*1521, B*4601, B*52
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