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HIV HLA Anchor Residue Motifs (Motif Scan)

This page serves three functions: (1) find HLA anchor residue motifs within protein sequences for specified HLA genotypes, serotypes, or supertypes, (2) search any single protein for all known HLA anchor residue motifs, and (3) view motif libraries. For details, refer to the Motif Scan Help page.


Search Proteins for Specified Motifs

Select the motif type(s) of interest and submit. On the next page, you may choose HIV-1 consensus proteins to search, and/or enter your own protein sequences.

Genotype Serotype Supertype
Motif Source
Motif Length
Custom Motif




Search a Protein for All Motifs

Paste one protein sequence in raw format




View or Download Data Dictionaries

View or download the HLA genotype/serotype dictionary.

View or download the HLA genotype/motif dictionary.

View or download the HLA supertype dictionary: Sette & Sidney 1999.

View or download the HLA supertype dictionary: Sidney et al. 2008.


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