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SVG Epitope Maps

Interactive Epitope Maps

These are the interactive epitope maps. These maps are implemented with SVG (scalable vector graphics), which is supported by most, but not all, major web browsers.

The static version of this page is still available.


Below are links to HTML/SVG versions of our databases of epitopes and antibody binding sites. Each epitope is presented in its appropriate location relative to the sequence of HXB2. These data may also be obtained as downloadable tables or alignments.


PDF Versions of the Complete Maps

Ab CTL/CD8+ Helper/CD4+


HTML/SVG Versions of the Individual Maps

Ab CTL/CD8+ Helper/CD4+
Gag Gag Gag
Pol Pol Pol
Vif Vif Vif
Vpr Vpr Vpr
Tat Tat Tat
Rev Rev Rev
Vpu Vpu Vpu
gp160 (Env) gp160 (Env) gp160 (Env)
Nef Nef Nef
Data last
updated on
22 June 2018
Data last
updated on
06 July 2018
Data last
updated on
13 June 2018


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