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gp160 Ab Epitope Map

Interactive Epitope Maps

These interactive epitope maps are based on our database of human HIV-1 epitopes.

These maps are implemented with SVG (scalable vector graphics), which is supported by most, but not all, web browsers. The static version of this page is also available.

The names of MAbs and the location of well characterized linear binding sites of 21 amino acids or less are indicated relative to the protein sequences of the HXB2 clone. This map is meant to provide the relative location of epitopes on a given protein, but the HXB2 sequence may not actually bind to the MAb of interest, as it may vary relative to the sequence for which the epitope was defined. Above each linear binding site, the MAb name is given followed by the species in parentheses. Human is represented by `h', non-human primate by `p', mouse by `m', and others by `o'. More precise species designations for any given MAb can be found using the web search interface.

Note: These epitopes only represent known linear antibody epitopes. Contact sites for non-linear Env epitopes can be viewed from our Env feature search, Genome Browser, or Env spreadsheet (.xls).

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gp160 Ab Map aa 1--50
gp160 Ab Map aa 51--100
gp160 Ab Map aa 101--150
gp160 Ab Map aa 151--200
gp160 Ab Map aa 201--250
gp160 Ab Map aa 251--300
gp160 Ab Map aa 301--350 1/3
gp160 Ab Map aa 301--350 2/3
gp160 Ab Map aa 301--350 3/3
gp160 Ab Map aa 351--400
gp160 Ab Map aa 401--450
gp160 Ab Map aa 451--500
gp160 Ab Map aa 501--550
gp160 Ab Map aa 551--600
gp160 Ab Map aa 601--650
gp160 Ab Map aa 651--700
gp160 Ab Map aa 701--750
gp160 Ab Map aa 751--800
gp160 Ab Map aa 801--850
gp160 Ab Map aa 851--856
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