HIV molecular immunology database


Patient Data

This table shows the patient data, including HLA type.

The data are also available in a comma-separated value (CSV) file for import to your favorite spreadsheet.

Patient ID HLA
1003M A*3002 A*3002 B*5802 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
1060M A*02 A*26 B*4501 B*8101 Cw*0401 Cw*1601
1081M A*0205 A*3001 B*4201 B*5801 Cw*1701 Cw*0701
1093M A*0205 A*0205 B*4403 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
1137M A*0205 A*6803 B*1401 B*5802 Cw*08 Cw*0602
1152M A*23 A*29 B*71 B*13 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
1153M A*34 A*66 B*5802 B*71 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
1157M A*34 A*34 B*08 B*44 Cw*0304 Cw*04
1170M A*03 A*66 B*42 B*1510 Cw*04 Cw*17
1190M A*03 A*23 B*71 B*1516 Cw*0304 Cw*0304
1199M A*01 A*3002 B*0702 B*08 Cw*0702 Cw*0701
1206M A*23 A*29 B*08 B*13 Cw*0202 Cw*06
1213M A*3002 A*34 B*5702 B*81 Cw*0801 Cw*18
1230M A*29 A*34 B*4403 B*4403 Cw*0401 Cw*0701
2006M A*01 A*66 B*5802 B*81 Cw*0602 Cw*18
2014M A*29 A*74 B*72 B*5703 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
2015M A*2402 A*3001 B*4201 B*4403 Cw*04 Cw*1701
2016M A*03 A*66 B*5802 B*81 Cw*0602 Cw*0401
2018M A*03 A*26 B*0702 B*1510 Cw*0401 Cw*0702
2086M A*24 A*6802 B*18 B*71 Cw*0304 Cw*0701
2098M A*0101 A*6602 B*4201 B*8101 Cw*1701 Cw*1801
2113M A*0205 A*29 B*13 B*1401 Cw*0602 Cw*0801
2119M A*0205 A*3002 B*5801 B*1510 Cw*0304 Cw*0701
2123M A*3001 A*3001 B*0801 B*5802 Cw*0205 Cw*0602
2140M A*29 A*29 B*13 B*42 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
2195M A*0202 A*3001 B*1516 B*5703 Cw*0701 Cw*1402
2309M A*01 A*29 B*1502 B*42 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
2352M A*0201 A*3001 B*42 B*4403 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
2438M A*0301 A*4301 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*18
2446M A*0205 A*3001 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*0801
2590M A*0205 A*34 B*1401 B*4403 Cw*0401 Cw*0801
2592M A*03 A*6802 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
2622M A*0201 A*33 B*45 B*53 Cw*0401 Cw*1601
2635M A*29 A*6801 B*45 B*1510 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
2637M A*29 A*6801 B*1301 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
2639M A*6601 A*6601 B*3910 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*12
2640M A*0205 A*02 B*0702 B*5801 Cw*0701 Cw*0701
2647M A*0201 A*74 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0703
2648M A*0201 A*0205 B*45 B*5703 Cw*0701 Cw*1601
2650M A*03 A*29 B*1510 B*42 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
2651M A*3001 A*6802 B*42 B*1510 Cw*0801 Cw*1701
2657M A*26 A*29 B*1503 B*4403 Cw*0701 Cw*1701
2688M A*29 A*6601 B*4403 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
2693M A*3001 A*3001 B*4201 B*4201 Cw*1701 Cw*1701
2700M A*3002 A*74 B*4901 B*5002 Cw*0701 Cw*1601
2702M A*0101 A*3402 B*1503 B*8101 Cw*0202 Cw*18
2703M A*33 A*68 B*4201 B*4501 Cw*1601 Cw*1701
2705M A*2301 A*3009 B*5801 B*8101 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
2706M A*0205 A*3009 B*5801 B*8101 Cw*0401 Cw*0701
2708M A*26 A*6802 B*0707 B*1503 Cw*0703 Cw*1701
2711M A*29 A*68 B*1302 B*1503 Cw*0401 Cw*0602
2713M A*2301 A*24 B*0702 B*1510 Cw*07 Cw*1601
2719M A*6601 A*6802 B*1510 B*39 Cw*0304 Cw*1203
2720M A*0205 A*2301 B*1510 B*39 Cw*0202 Cw*1604
2721M A*3002 A*6802 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0801
2723M A*2301 A*24 B*0702 B*4403 Cw*0303 Cw*07
2731M A*0205 A*6801 B*5801 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
2732M A*29 A*3002 B*1302 B*4501 Cw*0602 Cw*1604
985M A*23 A*66 B*07 B*71 Cw*0304 Cw*0702
A001M A*74 A*74 B*18 B*35 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
A005M A*0205 A*6802 B*0702 B*5702 Cw*0304 Cw*18
A044M A*2301 A*3601 B*0801 B*5301 Cw*0304 Cw*0401
A081M A*0301 A*4301 B*1401 B*4006 Cw*0801 Cw*1502
A105M A*2301 A*6601 B*5301 B*5801 Cw*0302 Cw*0602
A1179M A*11 A*34 B*1301 B*1521 Cw*0403 Cw*0403
A1186M A*0301 A*3001 B*0805 B*4201 Cw*07 Cw*17
A1346M A*01 A*3201 B*5802 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*1801
A1347M A*23 A*23 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
A1348M A*02 A*29 B*44 B*50 Cw*07 Cw*1601
A1349M A*0205 A*74 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*07
A1353M A*02 A*68 B*1510 B*1516 Cw*03 Cw*1601
A1354M A*6601 A*74 B*5703 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
A182M A*3001 A*4301 B*1501 B*4201 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
A280M A*29 A*3402 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*1604
A362M A*2301 A*33 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
A372M A*3001 A*3001 B*5801 B*5801 Cw*03 Cw*08
A373M A*3002 A*6601 B*4201 B*3910 Cw*1203 Cw*1701
A416M A*0301 A*29 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*0401 Cw*0701
A654M A*2301 A*3002 B*4501 B*5301 Cw*04 Cw*1604
A688M A*23 A*29 B*14 B*4201 Cw*0802 Cw*1701
A758M A*02 A*28 B*14 B*15 Cw*08 Cw*08
A774M A*2301 A*3001 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1604
A857M A*29 A*34 B*44 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*07
A866M A*3001 A*7408 B*4201 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*1701
A890M A*23 A*29 B*08 B*44 Cw*03 Cw*07
A938M A*3002 A*6802 B*1510 B*39 Cw*03 Cw*12
A945M A*02 A*3002 B*0801 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*07
A957M A*01 A*33 B*5301 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*18
PS001M A*0101 A*6802 B*4403 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*1801
PS002M A*02 A*74 B*5802 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*0602
PS003M A*2301 A*3001 B*0702 B*4201 Cw*02 Cw*1701
PS004M A*2301 A*29 B*4403 B*5702 Cw*07 Cw*0602
PS005M A*3001 A*3004 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS006M A*0301 A*3301 B*0801 B*5301 Cw*04 Cw*07
PS007M A*0202 A*74 B*1503 B*5703 Cw*0202 Cw*07
PS008M A*3002 A*3402 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1601
PS010M A*29 A*3002 B*5802 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
PS011M A*03 A*4301 B*44 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS012M A*2301 A*3002 B*5802 B*6701 Cw*0501 Cw*0602
PS013M A*3004 A*3004 B*35 B*4101 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
PS014M A*01 A*3002 B*08 B*18 Cw*0202 Cw*07
PS017M A*0214 A*3001 B*0801 B*4403 Cw*0401 Cw*0702
PS019M A*0101 A*6802 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS020M A*0202 A*4301 B*1303 B*1503 Cw*0602 Cw*1801
PS021M A*0205 A*33 B*4201 B*4403 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
PS022M A*33 A*74 B*35 B*4201 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
PS023M A*29 A*6601 B*18 B*3910 Cw*0704 Cw*1604
PS024M A*2301 A*2301 B*5801 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
PS025M A*3002 A*4301 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS026M A*3001 A*3002 B*3910 B*4201 Cw*1203 Cw*1701
PS027M A*2301 A*29 B*4201 B*5702 Cw*0701 Cw*1701
PS030M A*3001 A*6802 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*0304 Cw*1701
PS032M A*6601 A*8001 B*18 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*0302
PS033M A*3001 A*6601 B*4201 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS034M A*0301 A*3002 B*0801 B*4201 Cw*0701 Cw*1701
PS036M A*0301 A*3002 B*5703 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*18
PS037M A*02 A*6801 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1604
PS038M A*29 A*74 B*1401 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0802
PS039M A*0301 A*6802 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0801
PS040M A*0201 A*29 B*1510 B*4501 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
PS041M A*2301 A*6802 B*0702 B*1510 Cw*07 Cw*1601
PS042M A*3004 A*6601 B*4403 B*5802 Cw*0401 Cw*0602
PS043M A*0205 A*3402 B*5801 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
PS046M A*3002 A*6802 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
PS049M A*0101 A*6602 B*4201 B*4403 Cw*0401 Cw*18
PS050M A*0205 A*0301 B*1510 B*35 Cw*0401 Cw*0801
PS051M A*29 A*6601 B*5802 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS052M A*0101 A*3001 B*5801 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*18
PS053M A*02 A*0201 B*1510 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*08
PS054M A*3001 A*4301 B*1302 B*4501 Cw*0602 Cw*1604
PS056M A*0101 A*3002 B*18 B*8101 Cw*0704 Cw*18
PS057M A*0301 A*29 B*1302 B*4901 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
PS059M A*02 A*6802 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0801
PS062M A*3004 A*33 B*4201 B*4403 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
PS063M A*0301 A*6802 B*1510 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*0801
PS064M A*2301 A*6801 B*3910 B*41 Cw*1505 Cw*1701
PS065M A*29 A*3004 B*4403 B*5101 Cw*0701 Cw*1601
PS066M A*0301 A*29 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0702
PS067M A*29 A*74 B*18 B*4403 Cw*0701 Cw*0704
PS068M A*2402 A*3001 B*0702 B*4201 Cw*0702 Cw*1701
PS069M A*02 A*3001 B*4201 B*4201 Cw*1701 Cw*1701
PS071M A*2301 A*3002 B*0801 B*5801 Cw*0302 Cw*0701
PS073M A*0101 A*0205 B*5802 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*18
PS074M A*2301 A*6802 B*1402 B*4101 Cw*0802 Cw*1701
PS077M A*29 A*3402 B*1503 B*4403 Cw*0202 Cw*07
PS080M A*0101 A*6802 B*1510 B*8101 Cw*0304 Cw*18
PS081M A*29 A*3001 B*4202 B*4402 Cw*0701 Cw*1701
PS082M A*0301 A*0301 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
PS083M A*3002 A*8001 B*18 B*5703 Cw*0202 Cw*18
PS085M A*01 A*0301 B*35 B*8101 Cw*0401 Cw*18
PS086M A*0301 A*2301 B*0801 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*1601
PS088M A*0101 A*3002 B*4501 B*8101 Cw*1601 Cw*18
PS089M A*74 A*74 B*1503 B*35 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
PS091M A*3201 A*6601 B*5703 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
PS093M A*2301 A*4301 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS094M A*2301 A*6802 B*0702 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*0304
PS095M A*26 A*6601 B*1510 B*4403 Cw*0401 Cw*1601
PS096M A*3002 A*6802 B*1510 B*4501 Cw*0801 Cw*1601
PS097M A*01 A*3601 B*1510 B*5301 Cw*0401 Cw*1601
PS098M A*3002 A*3402 B*4403 B*4501 Cw*0401 Cw*1601
PS099M A*4301 A*6802 B*1503 B*5001 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
PS100M A*3001 A*6804 B*07 B*8101 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
PS101M A*33 A*6601 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS102M A*02 A*2301 B*0705 B*4501 Cw*0702 Cw*1601
PS103M A*4301 A*6601 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*18
PS104M A*6601 A*6802 B*1503 B*35 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
PS105M A*2402 A*3002 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*07
PS107M A*0205 A*2301 B*0801 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*16
PS108M A*29 A*4301 B*4403 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
PS109M A*0205 A*6802 B*5301 B*5801 Cw*0401 Cw*0602
PS111M A*6601 A*6801 B*5802 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
PS113M A*2301 A*3402 B*4403 B*8101 Cw*0303 Cw*0801
PS114M A*0301 A*6802 B*0801 B*5702 Cw*07 Cw*18
PS116M A*6802 A*6802 B*0702 B*1401 Cw*0802 Cw*07
PS117M A*0301 A*0301 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
PS118M A*3004 A*6601 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1505
PS119M A*2301 A*2903 B*1302 B*1801 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS120M A*3001 A*74 B*1503 B*1517 Cw*0202 Cw*0501
PS122M A*29 A*6602 B*4201 B*5702 Cw*1701 Cw*1801
PS123M A*23 A*6802 B*18 B*40 Cw*1701 Cw*04
PS124M A*26 A*3402 B*1503 B*3910 Cw*0202 Cw*1203
PS125M A*0101 A*0202 B*1801 B*8101 Cw*0501 Cw*1801
PS126M A*02 A*24 B*0702 B*1401 Cw*07 Cw*08
PS127M A*33 A*3402 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
PS128M A*3001 A*3004 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS129M A*0101 A*3001 B*4201 B*8101 Cw*1701 Cw*1801
PS130M A*2301 A*4301 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS131M A*0301 A*6802 B*1510 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*04
PS132M A*0101 A*3002 B*57 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*18
PS133M A*0301 A*6801 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1204
PS134M A*3001 A*6802 B*4201 B*5702 Cw*1701 Cw*1801
PS135M A*0101 A*6802 B*07 B*8101 Cw*07 Cw*1801
PS136M A*6802 A*74 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
PS137M A*3002 A*7408 B*15 B*39 Cw*0202 Cw*1203
PS138M A*0301 A*7408 B*44 B*5703 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS139M A*29 A*66 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS140M A*0301 A*33 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS141M A*02 A*33 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS142M A*2301 A*6802 B*4201 B*5801 Cw*0302 Cw*1701
PS143M A*26 A*3601 B*5301 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*04
PS144M A*01 A*74 B*35 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*18
PS145M A*2301 A*30 B*0801 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS146M A*29 A*29 B*1503 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
PS147M A*2301 A*3402 B*44 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
PS148M A*2301 A*6802 B*1510 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*1601
PS149M A*4301 A*8001 B*1503 B*18 Cw*0202 Cw*1801
PS150M A*68 A*68 B*14 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0802
PS153M A*6601 A*6802 B*1510 B*3915 Cw*08 Cw*1203
PS154M A*3001 A*3201 B*07 B*4201 Cw*07 Cw*17
PS155M A*23 A*33 B*14 B*53 Cw*04 Cw*08
PS156M A*3402 A*6601 B*44 B*58 Cw*04 Cw*06
PS157M A*4301 A*68 B*5802 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*06
PS158M A*03 A*29 B*44 B*81 Cw*04 Cw*07
PS159M A*29 A*6802 B*1510 B*44 Cw*03 Cw*07
PS160M A*3001 A*7408 B*1503 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
PS161M A*03 A*29 B*1303 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*06
PS162M A*2301 A*8001 B*15 B*18 Cw*02 Cw*16
PS163M A*3002 A*6601 B*3910 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*12
PS164M A*29 A*30 B*0805 B*3910 Cw*02 Cw*12
PS165M A*02 A*34 B*1401 B*5703 Cw*08 Cw*18
PS166M A*01 A*01 B*5801 B*8101 Cw*07 Cw*18
PS167M A*3001 A*7408 B*35 B*4201 Cw*04 Cw*1701
PS168M A*3002 A*4301 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1801
PS169M A*02 A*33 B*5801 B*5301 Cw*04 Cw*07
PS170M A*03 A*33 B*0702 B*4901 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS172M A*03 A*24 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS173M A*6802 A*7408 B*1401 B*4201 Cw*0802 Cw*1701
PS176M A*02 A*74 B*1510 B*5703 Cw*07 Cw*08
PS177M A*02 A*29 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*1601 Cw*1701
PS178M A*0101 A*33 B*4201 B*8101 Cw*1701 Cw*1801
PS179M A*02 A*6802 B*44 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS180M A*2301 A*2402 B*0702 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0702
PS181M A*0101 A*6802 B*14 B*8101 Cw*0802 Cw*1801
PS183M A*0101 A*6802 B*44 B*58 Cw*07 Cw*06
PS184M A*3002 A*4301 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*1801
PS186M A*0301 A*2301 B*3910 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*15
PS187M A*02 A*02 B*15 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*16
PS189M A*3001 A*74 B*5301 B*5703 Cw*03 Cw*07
PS190M A*3001 A*6802 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*1701
PS192M A*03 A*3001 B*08 B*18 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
PS193M A*02 A*32 B*07 B*58 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS194M A*23 A*30 B*58 B*8101 Cw*03 Cw*04
PS195M A*30 A*74 B*15 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
PS196M A*3001 A*6601 B*3910 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*12
PS197M A*3001 A*6601 B*3910 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*12
PS198M A*01 A*30 B*58 B*58 Cw*06 Cw*06
PS199M A*0202 A*6802 B*1510 B*5703 Cw*07 Cw*0809
PS201M A*02 A*29 B*1516 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*1601
PS202M A*0301 A*6801 B*4901 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS204M A*2301 A*3001 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS205M A*0301 A*0301 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*04 Cw*0602
PS206M A*29 A*29 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*1701
PS207M A*2402 A*6802 B*07 B*07 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS210M A*02 A*3001 B*1401 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*08
PS211M A*3001 A*7408 B*4202 B*5301 Cw*04 Cw*1701
PS212M A*23 A*74 B*1503 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
PS214M A*0202 A*7408 B*0801 B*35 Cw*04 Cw*07
PS215M A*6802 A*7408 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*03
PS216M A*3001 A*6801 B*5802 B*8201 Cw*03 Cw*06
PS222M A*29 A*6802 B*07 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS241M A*01 A*2301 B*4701 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*06
PS251M A*29 A*74 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*02 Cw*04
PS268M A*3002 A*3201 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0102 Cw*0602
PS269M A*29 A*3001 B*1510 B*81 Cw*04 Cw*1601
PS274M A*3002 A*8001 B*18 B*4501 Cw*0202 Cw*1604
PS275M A*2301 A*3001 B*1503 B*4202 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
PS284M A*24 A*6801 B*0801 B*5801 Cw*06 Cw*07
PS298M A*2301 A*6802 B*1401 B*1510 Cw*0802 Cw*1601
PS304M A*3002 A*6802 B*1510 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*03
PS312M A*0301 A*6802 B*0801 B*1510 Cw*0304 Cw*07
PS341M A*29 A*3201 B*39 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*12
PS344M A*29 A*30 B*44 B*58 Cw*06 Cw*07
PS355M A*01 A*2301 B*41 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS360M A*02 A*3201 B*39 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*12
PS364M A*0302 A*2903 B*35 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*07
PS385M A*4301 A*4301 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*02 Cw*06
PS458M A*4301 A*6802 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*18
PS464M A*29 A*30 B*18 B*44 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
PS517M A*3002 A*3004 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
PS525M A*01 A*74 B*07 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*07
PS559M A*2301 A*3002 B*0801 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS568M A*26 A*6802 B*07 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*07
PS576M A*24 A*29 B*0702 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS579M A*0202 A*6802 B*1510 B*5703 Cw*03 Cw*07
PS590M A*68 A*68 B*1516 B*5802 Cw*03 Cw*0602
PS637M A*24 A*29 B*0702 B*1302 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS641M A*30 A*3001 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1601
PS675M A*30 A*6601 B*3910 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*12
PS698M A*24 A*6802 B*0702 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*07
PS720M A*03 A*3001 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
PS729M A*66 A*66 B*42 B*58 Cw*06 Cw*17
PS732M A*3002 A*6602 B*0801 B*4201 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK002 A*0201 A*3001 B*1516 B*4403 Cw*0401 Cw*1601
SK003 A*3402 A*4301 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*0701 Cw*18
SK005 A*0301 A*4301 B*5802 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
SK006 A*0301 A*6802 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*0304 Cw*17
SK007 A*0301 A*6801 B*5101 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1604
SK008 A*3001 A*33 B*4201 B*5301 Cw*0401 Cw*17
SK009 A*2301 A*74 B*1503 B*5702 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
SK010 A*2301 A*29 B*1302 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
SK011 A*0205 A*6803 B*4201 B*5801 Cw*0701 Cw*1701
SK012 A*0201 A*3001 B*4202 B*4501 Cw*1601 Cw*1701
SK013 A*29 A*3101 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*0801 Cw*18
SK014 A*29 A*29 B*44 B*5703 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK015 A*3001 A*3001 B*4201 B*4201 Cw*1701 Cw*1701
SK016 A*0205 A*0301 B*0801 B*1510 Cw*0702 Cw*0801
SK017 A*3001 A*6801 B*1510 B*5301 Cw*0401 Cw*0802
SK019 A*0301 A*3002 B*0801 B*4901 Cw*0701 Cw*0701
SK020 A*2301 A*3004 B*0801 B*41 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK022 A*2402 A*6802 B*07 B*4201 Cw*0702 Cw*1701
SK023 A*6601 A*8001 B*18 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK024 A*29 A*6601 B*4403 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
SK025 A*3402 A*6802 B*1510 B*4403 Cw*08 Cw*1801
SK026 A*0201 A*02 B*0801 B*4201 Cw*0701 Cw*1701
SK027 A*3402 A*4301 B*1501 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
SK028 A*29 A*3001 B*4403 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
SK029 A*01 A*0301 B*5802 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
SK031 A*26 A*74 B*0801 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*0801
SK032 A*3004 A*6802 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
SK033 A*2402 A*3002 B*0702 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
SK034 A*3001 A*3001 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
SK035 A*0201 A*29 B*1503 B*4501 Cw*0202 Cw*1601
SK036 A*2402 A*6802 B*0801 B*1401 Cw*0702 Cw*0802
SK037 A*0101 A*3004 B*4001 B*4201 Cw*1701 Cw*18
SK038 A*3001 A*3002 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK039 A*0301 A*29 B*1510 B*35 Cw*0401 Cw*0401
SK040 A*3001 A*33 B*4201 B*5301 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
SK041 A*3001 A*6602 B*1503 B*4202 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
SK042 A*29 A*6802 B*1510 B*18 Cw*0501 Cw*1601
SK043 A*2301 A*24 B*0702 B*1510 Cw*0701 Cw*0801
SK044 A*29 A*6801 B*5802 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*0801
SK045 A*3001 A*6802 B*0702 B*4201 Cw*0102 Cw*1701
SK046 A*0202 A*3001 B*1516 B*4201 Cw*1402 Cw*1701
SK047 A*0301 A*74 B*4201 B*8101 Cw*0401 Cw*1701
SK048 A*0202 A*0301 B*0801 B*18 Cw*0501 Cw*07
SK049 A*2301 A*31 B*1510 B*35 Cw*0401 Cw*1601
SK050 A*0201 A*3001 B*4201 B*4501 Cw*1601 Cw*1701
SK051 A*0301 A*29 B*1303 B*4201 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK052 A*3001 A*6802 B*1516 B*4201 Cw*0304 Cw*1701
SK054 A*2301 A*6601 B*3910 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*12
SK055 A*3001 A*3002 B*0801 B*4202 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK056 A*26 A*3401 B*4201 B*4701 Cw*1601 Cw*1701
SK057 A*3002 A*6802 B*1510 B*4501 Cw*0304 Cw*1601
SK058 A*0205 A*74 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
SK059 A*0208 A*2301 B*5801 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
SK060 A*74 A*8001 B*1503 B*18 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
SK061 A*29 A*3004 B*4403 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0701
SK062 A*29 A*6802 B*1510 B*4403 Cw*0304 Cw*0701
SK063 A*2402 A*3001 B*0702 B*4201 Cw*1701 Cw*08
SK066 A*0205 A*3001 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
SK067 A*6801 A*74 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK068 A*0301 A*3002 B*3910 B*4501 Cw*1203 Cw*1604
SK069 A*3001 A*3201 B*0801 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
SK070 A*0301 A*6801 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*07 Cw*1801
SK071 A*2301 A*3002 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK072 A*2301 A*3402 B*0801 B*5801 Cw*0703 Cw*0703
SK073 A*2301 A*26 B*1510 B*51 Cw*0701 Cw*16
SK074 A*29 A*34 B*4201 B*4403 Cw*04 Cw*1701
SK075 A*2301 A*3001 B*4201 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK076 A*30 A*30 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK078 A*3002 A*6802 B*1510 B*4501 Cw*03 Cw*1601
SK079 A*0205 A*29 B*44 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK081 A*2907 A*01 B*1302 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*1801
SK083 A*6601 A*68 B*4101 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK084 A*3402 A*6601 B*44 B*5802 Cw*04 Cw*0602
SK085 A*3002 A*4301 B*5801 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*06
SK086 A*2301 A*29 B*0801 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*03
SK088 A*01 A*3001 B*1503 B*8101 Cw*0202 Cw*1801
SK089 A*2301 A*74 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*03
SK090 A*24 A*6601 B*07 B*4501 Cw*0602 Cw*15
SK092 A*2301 A*3001 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
SK093 A*30 A*30 B*15 B*39 Cw*0202 Cw*12
SK095 A*6802 A*6802 B*1510 B*5301 Cw*03 Cw*04
SK096 A*0301 A*2301 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK097 A*0101 A*26 B*67 B*8101 Cw*12 Cw*1801
SK099 A*0205 A*66 B*0801 B*1401 Cw*07 Cw*08
SK100 A*01 A*03 B*4201 B*8101 Cw*1701 Cw*1801
SK101 A*11 A*8001 B*35 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK102 A*0301 A*3001 B*15 B*53 Cw*03 Cw*04
SK104 A*2301 A*6802 B*15 B*15 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK106 A*3001 A*6802 B*0702 B*1401 Cw*03 Cw*08
SK107 A*2301 A*2301 B*1518 B*4201 Cw*1701 Cw*1801
SK108 A*3002 A*6801 B*5802 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0602
SK109 A*0202 A*29 B*18 B*53 Cw*04 Cw*0704
SK111 A*2301 A*6802 B*07 B*08 Cw*02 Cw*07
SK112 A*0301 A*3001 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1601
SK113 A*6802 A*74 B*1401 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*0802
SK114 A*6802 A*74 B*1401 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*0802
SK115 A*2301 A*6802 B*1510 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*1601
SK116 A*3002 A*0702 B*1503 B*0202 Cw*07 Cw*0100
SK117 A*2301 A*6802 B*4201 B*67 Cw*15 Cw*1701
SK119 A*02 A*68 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*16
SK120 A*3009 A*6603 B*18 B*4501 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK122 A*0205/0208 A*23 B*1510 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*1601
SK123 A*02 A*68 B*1510 B*5801 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK126 A*23 A*29 B*15 B*15 Cw*0202 Cw*1604
SK127 A*29 A*6802 B*44 B*58 Cw*0602 Cw*1403
SK128 A*0205 A*6802 B*1510 B*41 Cw*03 Cw*1701
SK129 A*0305 A*0308 B*1303 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK130 A*6801 A*68 B*51 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1502
SK131 A*3002 A*6802 B*0801 B*15 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK132 A*0201 A*3001 B*15 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
SK133 A*6801 A*68 B*0702 B*41 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK134 A*2301 A*3001 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*1601 Cw*1701
SK136 A*03 A*3001 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK137 A*2301 A*6802 B*4201 B*6701 Cw*15 Cw*1701
SK138 A*2301 A*3402 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK139 A*0301 A*3001 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*1701
SK140 A*6801 A*6802 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK141 A*02 A*68 B*4202 B*8202 Cw*0302 Cw*1701
SK142 A*3001 A*7408 B*35 B*4201 Cw*04 Cw*1701
SK143 A*11 A*2407 B*44 B*5201 Cw*07 Cw*1202
SK144 A*02 A*6601 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1601
SK145 A*29 A*6802 B*14 B*39 Cw*08 Cw*12
SK146 A*02 A*30 B*4501 B*570301 Cw*07 Cw*16
SK147 A*23 A*3001 B*4202 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*1701
SK148 A*02 A*6801/6802 B*1401 B*1510\1537 Cw*08 Cw*08
SK150 A*02 A*68 B*0801 B*15 Cw*07 Cw*08
SK151 A*24 A*34 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK152 A*33 A*34 B*08 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK154 A*02 A*30 B*4901 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*07
SK156 A*03 A*68 B*07 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK157 A*29 A*32 B*07 B*13 Cw*06 Cw*07
SK158 A*74 A*74 B*1503/1529 B*35 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK159 A*3001 A*6802 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*1701
SK160 A*29 A*31 B*1510 B*1503 Cw*08 Cw*18
SK161 A*3002 A*6801 B*07 B*0801 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK162 A*0301 A*33 B*0801 B*570301 Cw*07 Cw*18
SK163 A*24 A*3002 B*35 B*4201 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK164 A*02 A*6601 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1601
SK165 A*33 A*6801 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK166 A*2301 A*6601 B*4201 B*8202 Cw*0302 Cw*1701
SK168 A*02 A*02 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*08
SK169 A*02 A*03 B*0801 B*1502/1513 Cw*07 Cw*08
SK170 A*0202 A*6601 B*18 B*5802 Cw*0501 Cw*0602
SK171 A*0301 A*6802 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*03 Cw*0602
SK173 A*0301 A*6601 B*0801 B*3910 Cw*07 Cw*12
SK174 A*02 A*6802 B*1510 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*08
SK175 A*02 A*3002 B*18 B*3910 Cw*12 Cw*12
SK176 A*33 A*6802 B*1503 B*44 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK177 A*23 A*30 B*4403/4428 B*5702/570301 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK178 A*3402 A*3402 B*4201 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*1701
SK180 A*02 A*74 B*44 B*5703 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK181 A*3001 A*6802 B*1401 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*08
SK182 A*3002 A*6802 B*14 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0802
SK183 A*01 A*74 B*57 B*8101 Cw*0701 Cw*1801
SK186 A*2301 A*29 B*39 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*15
SK187 A*3002 A*6802 B*0801 B*5801 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK188 A*0301 A*74 B*5703 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK190 A*02 A*6802 B*18 B*4901 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK192 A*0101 A*24 B*07 B*8101 Cw*07 Cw*1801
SK193 A*2301 A*3001 B*4201 B*5002 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK194 A*3001 A*3201 B*4201 B*4201 Cw*1701 Cw*1701
SK195 A*3601 A*6802 B*07 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*1701
SK196 A*4301 A*6802 B*07 B*0801 Cw*07 Cw*08
SK197 A*01 A*29 B*4501 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*1801
SK199 A*29 A*74 B*1302 B*5703 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK200 A*02 A*34 B*1401 B*8101 Cw*08 Cw*08
SK201 A*3402 A*3402 B*44 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*04
SK202 A*6801 A*7408 B*35 B*5802 Cw*04 Cw*0602
SK203 A*02 A*6802 B*1510 B*5801 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK204 A*29 A*74 B*1503 B*44 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK206 A*29 A*6801 B*44 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK208 A*02 A*23 B*0801 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK209 A*0301 A*3001 B*0801 B*4201 Cw*0702 Cw*1701
SK216 A*03 A*36 B*1401 B*8101 Cw*08 Cw*1801
SK217 A*29 A*6802 B*1302 B*1510 Cw*0304 Cw*0602
SK219 A*01 A*0301 B*1503 B*8101 Cw*0202 Cw*1801
SK220 A*2301 A*3001 B*1402 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0802
SK222 A*3001 A*7408 B*4201 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*1401
SK232 A*0301 A*4301 B*1401 B*4006 Cw*0801 Cw*1502
SK235 A*0101 A*6601 B*8101 B*39/67 Cw*1203 Cw*18
SK240 A*0301 A*6802 B*1402 B*4501 Cw*0802 Cw*1601
SK242 A*0101 A*6601 B*81 B*67 Cw*1203 Cw*18
SK243 A*2301 A*6802 B*08 B*1401 Cw*07 Cw*0802
SK244 A*29 A*33 B*4201 B*5301 Cw*04 Cw*1701
SK245 A*02 A*68 B*07 B*07 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK246 A*68 A*68 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*03 Cw*0602
SK247 A*33 A*74 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
SK248 A*2301 A*3002 B*0801 B*1401 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK250 A*0301 A*2301 B*0801 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK251 A*0205/0208 A*3001 B*4201 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK253 A*0301 A*2301 B*0801 B*1510 Cw*07 Cw*1601
SK254 A*02 A*2301 B*08 B*41 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK259 A*3002 A*3402 B*1402 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*0802
SK260 A*01 A*3402 B*5301 B*8101 Cw*04 Cw*18
SK262 A*4301 A*6601 B*1402 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*08
SK263 A*24 A*3001 B*07 B*4201 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK264 A*6802 A*74 B*1516 B*5703 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK265 A*0205/0208 A*6802 B*1510 B*5801 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK266 A*3001 A*6802 B*07 B*4202 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK267 A*01 A*02 B*51 B*45 Cw*1601 Cw*1601
SK268 A*03 A*24 B*07 B*08 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK269 A*6802 A*74 B*1401 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0802
SK270 A*29 A*6802 B*07 B*1302 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK271 A*0101/0106 A*3001 B*4201 B*8101 Cw*1701 Cw*18
SK272 A*6602 A*74 B*4201 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*1701
SK273 A*29 A*3001 B*4201 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK274 A*3402 A*6601 B*44 B*5802 Cw*04 Cw*06
SK275 A*03 A*3001 B*08 B*3910 Cw*07 Cw*12
SK276 A*02 A*24 B*4006 B*51 Cw*1402 Cw*15
SK277 A*01 A*3001 B*4201 B*81 Cw*1701 Cw*18
SK279 A*01 A*3402 B*08 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK280 A*23 A*4301 B*1503 B*4501 Cw*06 Cw*18
SK281 A*3004 A*3601 B*44 B*53 Cw*04 Cw*04
SK282 A*02 A*3402 B*44 B*5801 Cw*04 Cw*04
SK283 A*4301 A*6802 B*4101 B*44 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK284 A*29 A*3002 B*1503 B*18 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK285 A*02 A*3001 B*4201 B*45 Cw*1601 Cw*1701
SK286 A*29 A*30 B*1503 B*44 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK287 A*03 A*29 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK288 A*24 A*74 B*0702 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK291 A*74 A*8001 B*1503 B*18 Cw*02 Cw*02
SK293 A*01 A*29 B*1302 B*8101 Cw*0601 Cw*18
SK295 A*0205/0208 A*02 B*5801 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK296 A*6602 A*6802 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*1701
SK297 A*3002 A*6601 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK298 A*31 A*6601 B*1503 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*18
SK301 A*3402 A*6601 B*5802 B*5802? Cw*06 Cw*006?
SK302 A*2301 A*6601 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1601
SK304 A*23 A*23 B*1503 B*5301 Cw*0202 Cw*03
SK305 A*3002 A*6601 B*3910 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*12
SK306 A*03 A*30 B*1401 B*81 Cw*04 Cw*08
SK307 A*33 A*74 B*1503 B*5301 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK308 A*3402 A*6802 B*08 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK309 A*0202 A*74 B*35 B*57 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK310 A*33 A*74 B*0702 B*4901 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK311 A*3402 A*68 B*1503 B*27 Cw*0202 Cw*0202
SK313 A*3001 A*6601 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*17
SK315 A*30 A*030? B*4201 B*4201? Cw*1701 Cw*1701?
SK316 A*0202 A*3004 B*8101 B*8202 Cw*03 Cw*18
SK318 A*33 A*74 B*0702 B*5703 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK321 A*2301 A*8001 B*18 B*8101 Cw*02 Cw*04
SK322 A*29 A*3002 B*44 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK323 A*3001 A*6802 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*1701
SK324 A*02 A*02 B*4501 B*5801 Cw*06 Cw*16
SK325 A*6801 A*74 B*35 B*5802 Cw*04 Cw*0602
SK326 A*03 A*3402/3404 B*08 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*0701
SK328 A*0301 A*74 B*1510 B*35 Cw*04 Cw*04
SK329 A*26 A*3001 B*4201 B*51 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK330 A*68 A*68 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK331 A*0202 A*29 B*1302 B*18 Cw*0501 Cw*0602
SK332 A*02 A*02 B*4101 B*5801 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK334 A*3001 A*6802 B*4202 B*5801 Cw*03 Cw*1701
SK335 A*2301 A*4301 B*1401 B*1503 Cw*0202 Cw*08
SK336 A*01 A*24 B*08 B*1801 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK337 A*03 A*74 B*0801 B*57 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK338 A*0202 A*3601 B*1510/1537 B*18 Cw*04 Cw*05
SK339 A*68 A*68 B*44 B*5802 Cw*04 Cw*0602
SK340 A*0101 A*3001 B*4202 B*81 Cw*1701 Cw*18
SK341 A*3001 A*6802 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*08 Cw*1701
SK342 A*29 A*3001 B*4201 B*4501 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK343 A*2301 A*30 B*5801 B*81 Cw*0401 Cw*0602
SK345 A*02 A*3402/3404 B*4501 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1601
SK346 A*3004 A*68 B*5801 B*82 Cw*0302 Cw*0602
SK347 A*02 A*2301 B*45 B*49 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK348 A*0101 A*0205/0208 B*5801 B*81 Cw*07 Cw*18
SK350 A*3001 A*6602 B*1503 B*4202 Cw*0202 Cw*1701
SK351 A*2301 A*2301 B*0801 B*44 Cw*03 Cw*04
SK352 A*0101 A*02 B*81 B*81 Cw*18 Cw*18
SK353 A*2301 A*3402/3404 B*08 B*4201 Cw*07 Cw*1701
SK356 A*0301 A*6801 B*35 B*5802 Cw*0401 Cw*0602
SK358 A*0202 A*2301 B*08 B*57 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK359 A*3001 A*3402/3404 B*4201 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*17
SK360 A*02 A*6802 B*1503 B*1524 Cw*0202 Cw*0304
SK361 A*3001 A*6801 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*1701
SK362 A*03 A*74 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
SK363 A*2301 A*30 B*1503 B*81 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
SK366 A*29 A*32 B*44 B*44 Cw*0202 Cw*07
SK367 A*24 A*68 B*0702 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*0702
SK368 A*3001 A*6802 B*1503 B*18 Cw*0202 Cw*15
SK370 A*03 A*4301 B*5703 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*18
SK371 A*0205/0208 A*6802 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*03 Cw*04
SK372 A*0101 A*3402/3404 B*1503 B*8101/8102 Cw*02 Cw*18
SK373 A*3004/3006 A*3402/3404 B*44 B*51 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK374 A*2301 A*3402/3404 B*1402 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*08
SK375 A*26 A*3402/3404 B*08 B*1503 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK377 A*2301 A*6601 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*16
SK381 A*02 A*03 B*1510 B*4501 Cw*04 Cw*16
SK383 A*29 A*6802 B*1302 B*5801 Cw*06 Cw*07
SK384 A*03 A*29 B*1302 B*44 Cw*0602 Cw*04
SK385 A*29 A*29 B*39 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*12
SK386 A*02 A*02 B*1503 B*1510 Cw*0202 Cw*08
SK388 A*0101 A*39 B*5802 B*8101 Cw*0602 Cw*1801/02
SK389 A*202/08 A*29 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*0202 Cw*17
SK390 A*03 A*6802 B*18 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK393 A*03 A*3402/3404 B*44 B*5802 Cw*04 Cw*0602
SK394 A*03 A*6801 B*5801 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*06
SK395 A*2301 A*3001 B*1503 B*8102/8101 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK397 A*02 A*68 B*15 B*18 Cw*03 Cw*05
SK398 A*29 A*3402/3404 B*4201 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*17
SK399 A*03 A*24 B*07 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*07
SK400 A*01 A*66 B*39 B*5802 Cw*06 Cw*12
SK401 A*02 A*74 B*1503 B*35 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK402 A*02 A*29 B*44 B*5801 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK403 A*23 A*26 B*1510 B*1518 Cw*1601 Cw*1602
SK404 A*23 A*29 B*1503 B*15 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK405 A*23 A*29 B*1402 B*1503 Cw*04 Cw*08
SK406 A*68 A*68 B*1503 B*44 Cw*0202 Cw*04
SK409 A*29 A*3001 B*4201 B*4201 Cw*17 Cw*17
SK410 A*0205/0208 A*3002 B*4201 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*17
SK411 A*2301 A*3601 B*53 B*5801 Cw*03 Cw*04
SK412 A*4301 A*6602 B*1503 B*4201 Cw*17 Cw*18
SK413 A*24 A*34 B*1503 B*54/55 Cw*0102 Cw*0202
SK414 A*03 A*6802 B*08 B*1510/1509 Cw*03 Cw*07
SK415 A*29 A*74 B*35 B*4201 Cw*0401 Cw*17
SK416 A*0101 A*0205/0208 B*1518 B*8101/8102 Cw*03 Cw*18
SK417 A*29 A*3002 B*1302 B*5703 Cw*0602 Cw*1801
SK418 A*34 A*74 B*08 B*45/50 Cw*06 Cw*07
SK419 A*03 A*3001 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*17
SK420 A*6601 A*74 B*1503 B*5703 Cw*07 Cw*17
SK421 A*0205/0208 A*6603 B*1503 B*5801 Cw*0202 Cw*0602
SK422 A*3002 A*30 B*1510 B*4201 Cw*03 Cw*17
SK423 A*2301 A*6802 B*5301 B*5702 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK424 A*3001 A*74 B*1503 B*4202 Cw*0202 Cw*17
SK425 A*03 A*3002 B*1510 B*5802 Cw*03 Cw*0602
SK426 A*6802 A*74 B*1402 B*5801 Cw*0302 Cw*08
SK427 A*03 A*66 B*08 B*44 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK431 A*0205/0208 A*3004/3006 B*4102 B*4501 Cw*1601 Cw*17
SK432 A*03 A*3002 B*4201 B*4201 Cw*17 Cw*17
SK433 A*2301 A*3001 B*4201 B*44 Cw*0401 Cw*17
SK434 A*2301 A*33 B*1503 B*35 Cw*0202 Cw*0401
SK440 A*03 A*3004/3006 B*1401 B*1510/1537 Cw*03 Cw*08
SK441 A*2301 A*6601/6604 B*08 B*35 Cw*04 Cw*07
SK442 A*33 A*68 B*07 B*41 Cw*07 Cw*17
SK443 A*29 A*6802 B*4201 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*17
SK444 A*0205 A*0208/33 B*07 B*5802 Cw*0602 Cw*07
SK445 A*2301 A*33 B*4201 B*5802 Cw*0602/7/10 Cw*17
SK447 A*29 A*6802 B*07 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK448 A*02 A*29 B*08 B*44 Cw*07 Cw*07
SK449 A*3002 A*6801 B*1402 B*53 Cw*0602 Cw*08

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