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Study 3: HLA Typing and Epitope Mapping


This website contains supplemental data tables and sequences for

Dominant influence of HLA-B in mediating the potential co-evolution of HIV and HLA. Nature, 432(7018):769-775, 9 Dec 2004.

P. Kiepiela, A. J. Leslie, I. Honeyborne, D. Ramduth, C. Thobakgale, S. Chetty, P. Rathnavalu, C. Moore, K. J. Pfafferott, L. Hilton, P. Zimbwa, S. Moore, T. Allen, C. Brander, M. M. Addo, M. Altfeld, I. James, S. Mallal, M. Bunce, L. D. Barber, J. Szinger, C. Day, P. Klenerman, J. Mullins, B. Korber, H. M. Coovadia, B. D. Walker, and P. J. R. Goulder.

The immunological parameters were obtained in the laboratory of P. Kiepiela and P. Goulder in Durban, South Africa. The funding came from the NIH contract N01-A1-15442, "HLA typing and epitope mapping to guide HIV vaccine design."

The file lists all responses to targeted overlapping peptides (OLP) covering an entire clade C consensus sequence (410 peptides). From a cohort of 300 individuals, the strength of responses (spot forming cells per 1mio PBMC) is indicated for each responses above the cut-off of 50. Values above 1000 were derived from wells with more than 100 spots. The donor and donor's HLA are also indicated, with some HLA typings pending at the time of submission of this summary. The individuals were all recruited in Durban, South Africa, and were shown to be infected with clade C virus.


Peptide data: a list of the test peptides in the study.


Subject data: a list of the subjects in this study. Includes reactivity summary.


Reaction data: a list of which peptides showed a reaction for which subject. Includes SFC data.


Sequence data: a list of sequences samples from this cohort and links to the HIV sequence database.

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