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South Africa Sequences---HLA Typing and Epitope Mapping


This website contains supplemental data tables and sequences for

Dominant influence of HLA-B in mediating the potential co-evolution of HIV and HLA. Nature, 432(7018):769-775, 9 Dec 2004.

P. Kiepiela, A. J. Leslie, I. Honeyborne, D. Ramduth, C. Thobakgale, S. Chetty, P. Rathnavalu, C. Moore, K. J. Pfafferott, L. Hilton, P. Zimbwa, S. Moore, T. Allen, C. Brander, M. M. Addo, M. Altfeld, I. James, S. Mallal, M. Bunce, L. D. Barber, J. Szinger, C. Day, P. Klenerman, J. Mullins, B. Korber, H. M. Coovadia, B. D. Walker, and P. J. R. Goulder.

These sequences were generated by the laboratory of J. Mullins at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, and the immunological parameters were obtained in the laboratory of P. Kiepiela and P. Goulder in Durban, South Africa. The funding came from the NIH contract N01-A1-15442, "HLA typing and epitope mapping to guide HIV vaccine design."

Gag Alignments

This is an alignment of all sequences used in Kiepieli et al. from South Africa, spanning Gag, including the full lengths and the gag directs.

Nef Alignments

HLA Types

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