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Data Sets: HLA Typing and Epitope Mapping


A number of studies have defined reactive peptide maps scanning HIV proteins. Although optimal epitopes are not usually defined, large sets of reactive peptides and the individual's HLA types are defined.

This site contains data tables, organized by study, that describe:

  1. Peptides: a list of the subjects that react with each peptide and the EliSpot or FluoroSpot results.
  2. Subjects: each person's HLA and other data.
  3. Maps of overlapping peptides and HLA types of responding individuals, relative to the HXB2 reference strain.

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Frahm 2004 Consistent CTL targeting of immunodominant regions in HIV across different ethnicities.

Sabbaj 2003, Bansal 2003 REACH study of Adolescent Medicine, HIV/AIDS Research Network.

Kiepiela 2004 A cohort from Durban, South Africa, HIV-1 subtype C.

Rousseau 2008 HLA Class-I Driven Evolution of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type1 Subtype C

Sunshine 2014 Subtype B peptides and variants spanning HIV-1 Gag.

See also: Special Interest Alignments at the HIV Sequence Database. These data sets include:


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