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HXB2 Location Nef(64-73)
Nef Epitope Map
Author Location Nef(68-77 SF2)
Epitope EEVGFPVRPQ Epitope Alignment
EEVGFPVRPQ epitope logo
Epitope Name 59.25
Subtype B
Species (MHC/HLA) human(DRB1*15:01)
Immunogen in vitro stimulation or selection
Patient MHC/HLA DP4, DQw1, DR1, DRw15(2)
Experimental methods Proliferation
Keywords epitope processing



Wentworth1994 P. A. Wentworth and K. S. Steimer. Characterization of Human CD4+, HIV-SF2 Nef-Specific T-Cell Clones for Antigen-Processing and Presentation Requirements and for Cytotoxic Activity. Vaccine, 12(10):885-894, Aug 1994. PubMed ID: 7975829. Show all entries for this paper.

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