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HXB2 Location Gag(151-159)
Gag Epitope Map
Author Location p24(19-27)
Epitope TLNAWVKLV Epitope Alignment
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Epitope Name 8L
Species (MHC/HLA) human(A*02:01)
Immunogen in vitro stimulation or selection
Country United States
Experimental methods CD8 T-cell Elispot - IFNγ, Chromium-release assay, HLA binding
Keywords binding affinity, immunodominance, dendritic cells, variant cross-reactivity, HIV-2



Schaubert2007 Keri L. Schaubert, David A. Price, Nicole Frahm, Jinzhu Li, Hwee L. Ng, Aviva Joseph, Elyse Paul, Biswanath Majumder, Velpandi Ayyavoo, Emma Gostick, Sharon Adams, Francesco M. Marincola, Andrew K. Sewell, Marcus Altfeld, Jason M. Brenchley, Daniel C. Douek, Otto O. Yang, Christian Brander, Harris Goldstein, and June Kan-Mitchell. Availability of a Diversely Avid CD8+ T Cell Repertoire Specific for the Subdominant HLA-A2-Restricted HIV-1 Gag p24(19-27) Epitope. J. Immunol., 178(12):7756-7766, 15 Jun 2007. PubMed ID: 17548613. Show all entries for this paper.

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