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HXB2 Location gp160(494-508)
gp160 Epitope Map
Author Location Env
Epitope LGVAPTTTKRRWER Epitope Alignment
Subtype C
Species (MHC/HLA) human
Immunogen vaccine
Country Switzerland
Experimental methods CD8 T-cell Elispot - IFNγ, Other, Proliferation
Keywords vaccine-induced immune responses, vaccine antigen design

Vaccine Details

Vaccine type vaccinia, modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA), poxvirus, DNA prime with poxvirus boost, attenuated poxvirus vector NYVAC
Vaccine strain C clade 97CN54
Vaccine component Env, Gag, Nef, Pol



Harari2008 Alexandre Harari, Pierre-Alexandre Bart, Wolfgang Stöhr, Gonzalo Tapia, Miguel Garcia, Emmanuelle Medjitna-Rais, Séverine Burnet, Cristina Cellerai, Otto Erlwein, Tristan Barber, Christiane Moog, Peter Liljestrom, Ralf Wagner, Hans Wolf, Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl, Mariano Esteban, Jonathan Heeney, Marie-Joelle Frachette, James Tartaglia, Sheena McCormack, Abdel Babiker, Jonathan Weber, and Giuseppe Pantaleo. An HIV-1 Clade C DNA Prime, NYVAC Boost Vaccine Regimen Induces Reliable, Polyfunctional, and Long-Lasting T Cell Responses. J. Exp. Med., 205(1):63-77, 21 Jan 2008. PubMed ID: 18195071. Show all entries for this paper.

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