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HIV Molecular Immunology 2006/2007

HIV Molecular Immunology 2006/2007 in PDF format.

Complete Immunology Compendium (1333pp, 16 MB). The online compendium is presented in a complete single volume for easier on-screen reading. The printed compendium is split into two volumes because of binding limitations.

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Part I. Review Articles

Identification of HIV-Derived, HLA Class I Restricted CTL Epitopes: Insights into TCR Repertoire, CTL Escape and Viral Fitness
Nicole Frahm, Caitlyn Linde, and Christian Brander.

Beyond Mamu-A*01+ Indian Rhesus Macaques: Continued Discovery of New MHC Class I Molecules that Bind Epitopes from the Simian AIDS Viruses
John T. Loffredo, Laura E. Valentine, and David I. Watkins

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