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HIV Molecular Immunology Compendium

The 2002 Immunology Compendium in PDF format.

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Complete Immunology Compendium (940pp, 9.5 MB)

Part I. Review Articles

Total Assessment of HIV-Specific CTL Responses: Epitope Clustering, Processing Preferences, and the Impact of HIV Sequence Heterogeneity
Nicole Frahm, Philip J.R. Goulder, and Christian Brander
Mutational Analyses and Natural Variability of the gp41 Ectodomain
Rogier W. Sanders, Bette Korber, Min Lu, Ben Berkhout, and John P. Moore
Web-based Tools for Vaccine Design
Ole Lund, Morten Nielsen, Can Kesmir, Jens K. Christensen, Claus Lundegaard, Peder Worning, and Søren Brunak

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