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Introduction (17 K)

How To Use This Section (26 K)

CTL Epitopes Sorted by HLA Restricting Element (60 K)
References (94 K)

HIV Helper T-Cell Epitopes

  • How To Use This Section (17 K) References (60 K)
    How To Use This Section (17 K) Indices (34 K)
    References (94 K)
  • 1996 reviews: B-cell Immunity
    Antibody Cross-Competition Analysis of the HIV-1 gp120 Envelope Glycoprotein and a Summary of Selected Competition Groups (26 K)
    John P. Moore and Joseph Sodroski
    B-cell Epitopes on the Envelope Glycoproteins of SIV and HIV-2 (85 K)
    Karen A. Kent and Ewa Bjorling
    Physico-chemical Analyses of the Humoral Immune Response to HIV-1: Quantification of Antibodies, Their Binding to Viral Antigens and Neutralization of Viral Infectivity (272 K)
    P. J. Klasse

  • 1996 Additional reviews
    A Comparison of HIV-1 Group M and Group O Functional and Immunogenic Domains in the Gag P24 Protein and the C2V3 Region of the Envelope Protein (102 K)
    Bette Korber, Ibtissam Loussert-Ajakai, John Blouin and Sentob Saragosti
    HIV and Molecular Mimicry (85 K)
    Gerald Myers and Hong Lu
    The HLA Class I Restricted CTL Response in HIV-1 Infection: Systematic Identification of Optimal Epitopes (60 K)
    Christian Brander and Bruce D. Walker
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