HIV molecular immunology database


Epitope Alignments

Below are links to the epitope alignments. The alignments are FASTA files of the unique epitope sequences aligned to the LANL HIV subtype reference alignments.

Epitope alignments

Ab CTL/CD8+ Helper/CD4+
Gag Gag Gag
p17 p17 p17
p24 p24 p24
p2p7p1p6 p2p7p1p6 p2p7p1p6
Pol Pol Pol
Gag/Pol_TF Gag/Pol_TF Gag/Pol_TF
Protease Protease Protease
Integrase Integrase Integrase
Vif Vif Vif
Vpr Vpr Vpr
Tat Tat Tat
Rev Rev Rev
Vpu Vpu Vpu
gp160 gp160 gp160
Nef Nef Nef
Data last
updated on
22 September 2021
Data last
updated on
13 November 2021
Data last
updated on
30 October 2021


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