HIV molecular immunology database


Subject Data

This table shows the patient data, including HLA type and reactivity summary.

The data are also available in a comma-separated value (CSV) file for import to your favorite spreadsheet.

Patient ID Cohort HLA A1 HLA A2 HLA B1 HLA B2 HLA Cw1 HLA Cw2 Reactions
00RCH04 REACH A0301 A2301 B4403 B5801 Cw07(01,06) Cw1601 0
00RCH09 REACH A0301 A26(01,02) B1302 B3801 Cw0602 Cw1202 0
00RCH22 REACH A2301 A6801 B35(01,02,03) B5301 Cw0401 Cw0401 0
00RCH23 REACH A02(01,09) A02(01,09) B51011 B5301 Cw0202 Cw0401 5
00RCH26 REACH A2902 A3303 B1503 B4901 Cw0202 Cw07(01,06) 1
00RCH28 REACH A0205 A3002 B1402 B5301 Cw0401 Cw0802 11
00RCH30 REACH A0202 A0301 B5601 B57031 Cw0102 Cw18(01,02) 4
00RCH32 REACH A2301 A3002 B1801 B4403 Cw0401 Cw12042 0
00RCH33 REACH A3002 A3201 B4501 B5301 Cw0401 Cw1202 9
00RCH34 REACH A3201 A3601 B1401 B35(01,02) Cw0401 Cw0802 3
00RCH37 REACH A2301 A3002 B2705 B5301 Cw0202 Cw0401 7
00RCH40 REACH A0207 A2301 B39(10,16) B4501 Cw0602 Cw1202 0
00RCH41 REACH A02(01,09) A2301 B4403 B4501 Cw0401 Cw0602 0
00RCH59 REACH A3402 A74(01,03) B0801 B5703 Cw0302 Cw07(01,06) 2
00RCH64 REACH A02(01,09) A2301 B1402 B1503 Cw0202 Cw0802 0
00RCH67 REACH A2301 A6802 B15(10,18) B5802 Cw03(02,04) Cw0602 3
00RCH71 REACH A0101 A02(01,09) B5703 B8101 Cw07(01,06) Cw18(01,02) 2
00RCH72 REACH A2301 A7401 B15(01,03) B4501 Cw0202 Cw0401 3
00RCH75 REACH A2301 A31012 B0702 B5802 Cw07(01,06) Cw0702 0
00RCH76 REACH A3002 A3002 B1402 B35(02,03) Cw0401 Cw0802 3
00RCH81 REACH A3002 A74(01,03) B0702 B1801 Cw07(01,06) Cw1502 0
00RCH82 REACH A02(01,09) A7401 B1503 B1801 Cw0202 Cw05(01,03) 0
00RCH83 REACH A02(02,05) A3001 B1508 B5801 Cw07(01,06) Cw0802 0
00RCH84 REACH A0301 A3001 B15(15,17) B58(01,02) Cw07(01,06) Cw18(01,02) 0
00RCH85 REACH A3001 A3002 B4201 B4201 Cw17(01,02,03) Cw17(01,02,03) 10
00RCH86 REACH A3402 A7401 B5301 B8101 Cw0401 Cw0802 3
00RCH87 REACH A0101 A0301 B0801 B5802 Cw0602 Cw07(01,06) 7
00RCH88 REACH A02(01,09) A2501 B1801 B4402 Cw05(01,03) Cw1202 0
00RCH89 REACH A0202 A6802 B15(10,18) B51011 Cw0307 Cw1502 0
00RCH92 REACH A2501 A3301 B0702 B4001 Cw0302 Cw0702 0
00RCH96 REACH A2301 A3002 B2705 B3501 Cw0202 Cw0401 1
00RCH97 REACH A2301 A2301 B0702 B5301 Cw0401 Cw0702 3
01RCH00 REACH A0202 A3001 B3501 B4201 Cw0702 Cw17(01,02,03) 0
01RCH01 REACH A0207 A2301 B1503 B1510 Cw0202 Cw0307 0
01RCH16 REACH A02(01,09) A74(01,03) B1401 B4501 Cw0802 Cw1601 2
01RCH17 REACH A2301 A3402 B5301 B5301 Cw0401 Cw0602 0
01RCH21 REACH A0201 A3201 B0702 B1503 Cw0202 Cw07(01,06) 3
01RCH22 REACH A02(01,09) A66(02,01) B4501 B5703 Cw07(01,06) Cw1601 3
01RCH24 REACH A0101 A11(05,01) B3801 B3906 Cw0702 Cw1202 1
01RCH25 REACH A2501 A3402 B1801 B35(01,02) Cw1202 Cw1601 0
01RCH26 REACH A02(01,09) A3304 B4201 B4402 Cw05(01,03) Cw17(01,02,03) 0
01RCH30 REACH A2301 A8001 B4501 B4901 Cw07(01,06) Cw1601 9
01RCH33 REACH A0301 A24021 B0702 B4501 Cw0702 Cw1601 3
01RCH35 REACH A02(01,09) A3001 B4001 B4201 Cw03(02,04) Cw17(01,02,03) 8
01RCH44 REACH A24022 A24022 B3501 B3517 Cw0401 Cw0401 7
01RCH45 REACH A2301 A3002 B5701 B8101 Cw07(01,06) Cw0802 5
01RCH46 REACH A0207 A0217 B0801 B4002 Cw0303 Cw07(01,06) 10
01RCH49 REACH A3004 A6802 B4403 B5701 Cw07(01,06) Cw07(01,06) 2
01RCH50 REACH A2904 A3002 B1503 B5802 Cw0202 Cw0602 1
01RCH51 REACH A3002 A68(011,08) B0801 B1503 Cw07(01,06) Cw08(02,05) 4
01RCH59 REACH A02(01,09) A3201 B4002 B5301 Cw0202 Cw0401 10
01RCH60 REACH A02(01,09) A3601 B4501 B5703 Cw07(01,06) Cw1601 0
01RCH61 REACH A0301 A1101 B0702 B35(01,02) Cw07(01,06) Cw0702 6
01RCH62 REACH A3301 A68012 B35(01,02,03) B51011 Cw0401 Cw0401 0
01RCH76 REACH A0301 A3001 B0702 B4201 Cw0702 Cw17(01,02,03) 0
01RCH84 REACH A2301 A26(01,02) B39(10,16) B5301 Cw05(01,03) Cw07(01,06) 0
01RCH85 REACH A3304 A7403 B4403 B58(01,02) Cw07(01,06) Cw1601 1
02RCH01 REACH A02(01,09) A0301 B0702 B39(02,08) Cw0702 Cw0702 2
02RCH04 REACH A02(01,09) A26(01,02) B3801 B51011 Cw12(02,03) Cw1601 8
02RCH05 REACH A1101 A24022 B0701 B3501 Cw0401 Cw0702 0
02RCH11 REACH A2403 A2904 B1522 B4403 Cw0102 Cw1601 0
02RCH15 REACH A02(01,09) A0301 B1401 B51011 Cw08(02,05) Cw1502 2
02RCH19 REACH A02(01,09,17) A3001 B4201 B4402 Cw05(01,03) Cw17(01,02,03) 6
02RCH30 REACH A02014 A3301 B4501 B4501 Cw0401 Cw0602 2
02RCH87 REACH A0301 A3402 B5301 B5301 Cw0401 Cw08(02,05) 0
02RCH89 REACH A02(01,09) A3301 B1516 B5301 Cw1402 Cw1601 0
02RCH91 REACH A0301 A31012 B0702 B3512 Cw0401 Cw0702 0
03RCH05 REACH A0301 A24022 B1530 B5802 Cw0602 Cw0702 3
03RCH08 REACH A24022 A3301 B40b B5301 Cw0401 Cw0801 17
03RCH19 REACH A2301 A68012 B1801 B8101 Cw05(01,03) Cw18(01,02) 9
03RCH22 REACH A2301 A74(01,03) B4403 B5701 Cw0401 Cw18(01,02) 0
03RCH26 REACH A2301 A6802 B14(01,02) B5301 Cw0401 Cw08(02,05) 0
03RCH27 REACH A24021 A3001 B5301 B5703 Cw0401 Cw18(01,02) 0
03RCH34 REACH A02(01,09) A2301 B4402 B4403 Cw0401 Cw07(04,11) 8
03RCH39 REACH A02(03,06) A3001 B35(01,02) B4201 Cw0702 Cw17(01,02,03) 0
03RCH40 REACH A2601 A3303 B5801 B8201 Cw0302 Cw07(01,06) 3
03RCH51 REACH A0101 A02(01,09) B4402 B5703 Cw05(01-03) Cw0602 0
03RCH59 REACH A0101 A2902 B4901 B8101 Cw07(01,06) Cw18(01,02) 2
03RCH63 REACH A0301 A6601 B3501 B4102 Cw0401 Cw17(01,02,03) 15
03RCH66 REACH A02(01,09) A7401 B1501 B5703 Cw0307 Cw07(01,06) 4
03RCH80 REACH A1101 A3001 B1516 B3501 Cw0401 Cw1402 9
03RCH87 REACH A0101 A3201 B1501 B51011 Cw0202 Cw1601 0
03RCH89 REACH A02(01,09) A2301 B1501 B4901 Cw0304 Cw07(01,06) 3
03RCH91 REACH A0301 A2301 B1510 B3503 Cw0401 Cw08(02,05) 0
03RCH95 REACH A26(01,02) A3301 B0801 B8201 Cw03(02,04) Cw0702 5
04RCH80 REACH A0301 A2902 B0702 B4403 Cw07(01,06) Cw0702 1
04RCH85 REACH A0101 A02(01,09) B35(02,01) B8101 Cw1601 Cw18(01,02) 8
04RCH86 REACH A0202 A0301 B4501 B5301 Cw0401 Cw1502 4

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