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MAb ID VRC01 (VRC01d45, VRC-HIVMAB060-00-AB)
HXB2 Location Env Env Epitope Map
Author Location gp120
Epitope (Discontinuous epitope)
Subtype B
Ab Type gp120 CD4BS
Neutralizing tier 2  View neutralization details
Contacts and Features View contacts and features
Species (Isotype) human(IgG1)
Patient NIH45
Immunogen HIV-1 infection
Keywords acute/early infection, ADCC, adjuvant comparison, antibody binding site, antibody gene transfer, antibody generation, antibody interactions, antibody lineage, antibody polyreactivity, antibody sequence, assay or method development, autoantibody or autoimmunity, autologous responses, binding affinity, bispecific/trispecific, broad neutralizer, CD4+ CTL, chimeric antibody, computational epitope prediction, contact residues, dynamics, elite controllers, enhancing activity, escape, genital and mucosal immunity, germline, glycosylation, HAART, ART, HIV reservoir/latency/provirus, HIV-2, immunoprophylaxis, immunotherapy, junction or fusion peptide, kinetics, memory cells, mother-to-infant transmission, neutralization, novel epitope, polyclonal antibodies, rate of progression, review, structure, subtype comparisons, therapeutic vaccine, vaccine antigen design, vaccine-induced immune responses, variant cross-reactivity, viral fitness and reversion


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Isolation Paper
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