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MAb ID D61
HXB2 Location gp160(592-608)
gp160 Epitope Map
Author Location gp41(592-608 HXB2)
Research Contact Patricia Earl and Christopher Broder, NIH
Epitope LLGIWGCSGKLICTTAV Epitope Alignment
Subtype B
Ab Type gp41 cluster I
Species (Isotype) mouse
Immunogen vaccine
Keywords antibody binding site, antibody generation, antibody interactions, genital and mucosal immunity, isotype switch

Vaccine Details

Vaccine type protein
Vaccine component Env dimers


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Isolation Paper
Earl1994 P. L. Earl, C. C. Broder, D. Long, S. A. Lee, J. Peterson, S. Chakrabarti, R. W. Doms, and B. Moss. Native oligomeric human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Envelope glycoprotein elicits diverse monoclonal antibody reactivities. J. Virol., 68:3015-3026, 1994. In a study of the repertoire of response to oligomeric versus monomeric Env protein, 138 murine MAbs were generated in response to an immunogen that was a gp120/bp41 oligomeric molecule that was not cleaved due to a mutation in the cleavage site. The oligomeric molecule was found to elicit a response that was very different than the monomer. Most MAbs were conformational, many were to gp41 or if in gp120, to the CD4 BS. Few MAbs to linear V3 epitopes were produced in response to oligomeric protein, though this was a common specificity in response to immunization with gp120 monomeric protein. PubMed ID: 7512157. Show all entries for this paper.

Earl1997 P. L. Earl, C. C. Broder, R. W. Doms, and B. Moss. Epitope map of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gp41 derived from 47 monoclonal antibodies produced by immunization with oligomeric envelope protein. J. Virol., 71:2674-84, 1997. PubMed ID: 9060620. Show all entries for this paper.

GoldingH2002 Hana Golding, Marina Zaitseva, Eve de Rosny, Lisa R. King, Jody Manischewitz, Igor Sidorov, Miroslaw K. Gorny, Susan Zolla-Pazner, Dimiter S. Dimitrov, and Carol D. Weiss. Dissection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Entry with Neutralizing Antibodies to gp41 Fusion Intermediates. J. Virol., 76(13):6780-6790, Jul 2002. PubMed ID: 12050391. Show all entries for this paper.

Pietzsch2010 John Pietzsch, Johannes F. Scheid, Hugo Mouquet, Michael S. Seaman, Christopher C. Broder, and Michel C. Nussenzweig. Anti-gp41 Antibodies Cloned from HIV-Infected Patients with Broadly Neutralizing Serologic Activity. J. Virol., 84(10):5032-5042, May 2010. PubMed ID: 20219932. Show all entries for this paper.

Richardson1996 T. M. Richardson, Jr., B. L. Stryjewski, C. C. Broder, J. A. Hoxie, J. R. Mascola, P. L. Earl, and R. W. Doms. Humoral response to oligomeric human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope protein. J. Virol., 70:753-62, 1996. An Env antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using a soluble, oligomeric form of HIV-1IIIB Env (gp140) that contains gp120 and the gp41 ectodomain was developed. The gp140, captured by various monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), retained its native oligomeric structure: it bound CD4 and was recognized by MAbs to conformational epitopes in gp120 and gp41, including oligomer-specific epitopes in gp41. PubMed ID: 8551612. Show all entries for this paper.

Weissenhorn1996 W. Weissenhorn, S. A. Wharton, L. J. Calder, P. L. Earl, B. Moss, E. Aliprandis, J. J. Skehel, and D. C. Wiley. The Ectodomain of HIV-1 Env Subunit gp41 Forms a Soluble, alpha-Helical, Rod-Like Oligomer in the Absence of gp120 and the N-Terminal Fusion Peptide. EMBO J., 15:1507-1514, 1996. PubMed ID: 8612573. Show all entries for this paper.

Wright2008 Alison Wright, Michael E. Lamm, and Yung T. Huang. Excretion of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 through Polarized Epithelium by Immunoglobulin A. J. Virol., 82(23):11526-11535, Dec 2008. PubMed ID: 18829757. Show all entries for this paper.

Zhang2008 Mei-Yun Zhang, Bang K. Vu, Anil Choudhary, Hong Lu, Michael Humbert, Helena Ong, Munir Alam, Ruth M. Ruprecht, Gerald Quinnan, Shibo Jiang, David C. Montefiori, John R. Mascola, Christopher C. Broder, Barton F. Haynes, and Dimiter S. Dimitrov. Cross-Reactive Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1-Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibody That Recognizes a Novel Conformational Epitope on gp41 and Lacks Reactivity against Self-Antigens. J. Virol., 82(14):6869-6879, Jul 2008. PubMed ID: 18480433. Show all entries for this paper.

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